The Flash Episode 12 Review: Caution- Spoilers Ahead…

These Flash episodes keep getting better and better! The theme for this episode seemed to be relationships. Caitlin is still hung up on her former fiancé Ronnie Raymond, and Cisco tells her that she basically has no life outside Ronnie and working at STAR Labs. These are harsh words from Cisco, but he’s not wrong, and he only tells her that because he cares about her. Barry also has some relationship woes that fans of the show are all too familiar with- Iris. Similar to Caitlin, Barry is hung up on Iris, who is still with Eddie and shows no signs of leaving him.

The villain of this episode was Peek-a-Boo (Caitlin named her) and she can teleport, assuming there’s light for her to travel on. After spending a few months honing her newfound powers, she eventually has the confidence to break her boyfriend out of prison. This is the prison where Barry’s father is also being held. Joe arranges for a guard to let the father and son share a moment without a glass in between them. It’s always sweet to see those tender moments in the Flash because the writers do such a good job at them. Another group of individuals who work on this show that deserve some recognition is the special effects department. Once again, the special effects team deserves a hand because the teleportation in this episode was on par with Nightcrawler or Azazel from the X-Men movies.

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In other storylines, Cisco calls Hartley’s bluff from the previous episode and releases him from his cell in order to learn what happened to Ronnie on the night of the particle accelerator explosion. He takes some obvious precautions, putting handcuffs on Hartley and making sure he doesn’t leave his sight. Hartley takes Cisco to an area outside STAR Labs and shows Cisco a wall that has a person’s shadow on it. That shadow belongs to Dr. Martin Stein, meaning he was there the night of the particle accelerator explosion. Hartley tries to escape but Cisco came prepared, he attached vibration sound waves to Hartley’s handcuffs which could potentially deafen him! After subduing Hartley, Cisco does the only logical action: he lets him out of his handcuffs! I understand that it could be argued that Hartley tricked Cisco, but he already proved that he can’t be trusted, so why would he not leave the cuffs on as a precaution?

Meanwhile at karaoke night, Barry asks Caitlin out to “survey” the bar in case Peek-a-Boo and her boyfriend decide to hang out there again. At karaoke night, we learn that Caitlin can’t hold her alcohol at all, Barry can sing (fans of Glee already knew this), and Linda Park makes the first move on Barry. The two hit it off instantly, but Barry is forced to be the good guy and take Caitlin home to prevent her from driving while intoxicated. She somehow manages to be both drunk and adorable when flirting with Barry at her apartment. For someone who knows firsthand what it’s like to have someone not notice that you like them, Barry is really oblivious.

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The Cisco and Hartley story ends with Hartley finally revealing that the particle accelerator spliced Dr. Martin Stein with Ronnie! This essentially creates Firestorm, the body of Ronnie with the mind of Dr. Martin Stein. Of course, Hartley betrays Cisco as expected and successfully escapes. Cisco is forced to come clean to Caitlin about the night of the particle accelerator explosion, how he choose to lock Ronnie into the chamber to save everyone else in the building. She is surprisingly okay with the news (probably because she’s too hung-over to have any emotions at all) and lets him know that she doesn’t blame him for Ronnie’s death.

The Peek-a-Boo storyline gets wrapped up pretty quickly with Harrison Wells pointing out that without light, she has nowhere to teleport. Flash confronts her along with her boyfriend while the two are trying to leave town. He breaks all of the lights in the tunnel, leaving her with no place to go. Somehow her boyfriend manages to escape, completely avoiding the Flash. They lock her up, and she reveals that even though her boyfriend abandoned her, she still loves him. This causes Caitlin to evaluate her own life about how she’s still trying to get Ronnie back. She tells Barry that it’s time for her to move on to someone new as she looks longingly into Barry’s eyes. He of course is completely unaware that she means him, because if he was, he wouldn’t set a lunch date with Linda Park. This lunch date makes more than one girl jealous; Iris is apparently not okay with Barry moving on. Barry shares another sweet moment with his father. During that scene, his father clearly knows his son is the Flash, but doesn’t say out loud. Barry’s father offers him advice on what he’s doing and how proud he is of him and all that he’s accomplished.

That about wraps this episode up. Oh wait, there’s something else I should probably mention. GORILLA GRODD MAKES AN APPERENCE! In all his CGI glory he takes down two construction workers in a sewer (where I assume Grodd has been living this entire time) and it was epic! From the wonderful moments Barry shared with his father and the outstanding special effects for Peek-a-Boo (and Gorilla Grodd), this was a superb episode. Looking forward to next week where we explore more about Firestorm and what happened to Ronnie on the night of the particle accelerator explosion.


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