The FANTASTIC FOUR #1 comic came out this month with loads of anticipation. For most, it delivered. We were promised that we would finally see the Fantastic Four come back together for the new comic series. We were mostly given this but must be patient enough for the second issue to deliver the comeback fully.

Fans are happy to see Mr. Fantastic, The Thing, The Invisible Woman, and The Human Torch back together in the same comic series once more, however. “Marvel’s First Family” is beloved, so a new series was very important for fans. However, the big thing we need to talk about here will not really deal with the comic books. Instead, it’ll focus on their use in popular media. Mostly, we need to talk about their possible movie inclusion within the MCU.

Marvel’s First Family Is (Sort Of) Back in FANTASTIC FOUR #1

Ramifications For The Fantastic Four From The Disney/FOX Deal

When Disney bought up the 20th Century FOX studio from the FOX corporation, it came with a lot of things. The studio gave them all the shows that are currently under their banner, first and foremost. This includes all shows filmed on the FOX lot as well as shows on their networks, for the most part. Years ago, FOX made the decision to loop all TV and Movie material into one place for better ownership. However, barring the news and sports material, it would leave FOX owning networks more than properties.

This decision was a good idea at the time, but it gave them a big problem looking back. The studio buyout for Disney would give them the remaining Star Wars Universe (Episodes I-III), the Avatar franchise, and all previous, present, and upcoming FOX Movie and Television titles. Though, the big one for comic book fans was the addition of X-Men and Fantastic Four Movie/TV rights. Meaning all future use of Marvel’s First Family is Disney/Marvel Studios centered.

We know by now that FOX has seemingly figured out the X-Men series. Yet they never truly seemed to understand the Fantastic Four. Could Disney do better? The past shows that Disney seemingly understands the Marvel universe very well, at least. Unlike FOX, they may seek to make a proper movie rather than just throw something out and hope it makes a lot of money.

Is Disney the Right Place for the FANTASTIC FOUR?

Movies Woes Of The Fantastic Four

The Fantastic Four 2015 poster
The reason Marvel movie fans still have nightmares [image courtesy of 20th Century FOX]
It’s not shocking that people have not really enjoyed the Fantastic Four over the years, and the movies have not exactly been great. The characters are quite amazing, as the team includes everything one needs to stand out. Team-movies in superhero franchises seems to do very well too. The AVENGERS, X-MEN, JUSTICE LEAGUE, and even DEADPOOL 2’s attempt to do this brought the studios a lot of money. So financially speaking, there is an incentive for Disney and Marvel Studios to get it right with the Fantastic Four.

We all know monetarily speaking that they would want to make money. That said, it’s clear that not all superhero movies will do well just because it’s a superhero movie. When FOX attempted to reboot the team, it was met with a lot of hatred. The movie did not deliver, and both critics and comic book movie fans were not happy with it.

They tried to lower the ages of most of them, even making Johnny an adopted brother. They also switched up the origin in some weird ways. It just did not work, and a movie that could have brought in a billion dollars would instead generate $168 million at the box office on a $155 million budget. The other films did better financially, but they are clearly not perfect either.

What Can Disney And Marvel Studios Do To Help The Team?

Beyonder is confronted by Mr. Fantastic of The Fantastic Four and Dr. Strange
A villain who alters so much would be a capable person to form the team, and yet allow him to be the architect of his own downfall [image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment]
A lot has been laid out for a return to the big screen for the Fantastic Four over the years. FOX even hoped at one point to bring them back, despite the terrible reboot attempt. They are a valuable property, so we cannot blame them. However, they were clearly not the people to do it. One of the common mistakes made with the Fantastic Four often has to do with the villain they are most linked to, Dr. Doom.

Doom is obviously a terrific character, but he’s by no means someone we should completely focus on. The reason why an origin has to start with him is really due to the fact that he got his powers similar to how the Fantastic Four got theirs. Victor is not the type of good person they are. His powers in some ways affect his brain. While he could be great to have, a movie made with the same villain again could become a huge issue.

FOX was working with a handicap that Disney won’t have to worry about. FOX did not have a bulk of the Marvel characters to use. They only had a few in comparison. Now that Disney owns pretty much the entire Marvel Universe, they could pick another character to add to an origin movie. Alongside Doom, this villain can be essential and in the MCU. They can take a few liberties like they have done many times before too.

Marvel and the Secret Wars Relaunch

Disney Should Mess With How The Fantastic Four Got Their Powers (Kinda)

The Beyonder could be a great villain for The Fantastic Four
Sometimes you have to break a few eggs to make an omelet [image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment]
Like most comic book fans out there, we want origins to remain the same. However, we may need a change here. Due to the fact that the only way to truly add the Fantastic Four to the MCU is to have a way to combine worlds, we must do so. There is something called “THE SECRET WARS” that Marvel Studios has all but confirmed will be coming. The plan is to debut it in the upcoming “Phase” at some point or lead to it.

Upon doing this, we could add in a lot of help to the Fantastic Four origin. Instead of having Dr. Doom become our only villain, we can add another very different one. Why not bring in The Beyonder? Follow us here, because it’s going to get good. Marvel Studios must first set things up with most of the usual origin story. That means the explosion of cosmic material and everything.

However, instead of happenstance, it is organized by The Beyonder. He is doing it because he wants to make helpers to beat the normal MCU’s superheroes in a game of sorts. We know Marvel Studios and Disney are going to use The Beyonder. We also know of his brilliant use in the second version of THE SECRET WARS.

The Fantastic Four’s Greatest Enemy: The Internet?

How We Can Properly Debut Them In The MCU

Marvel's Battleworld with The Fantastic Four
The Secret Wars II comic is insane with action, and the addition of Battleworld to the MCU would be awesome. [Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment]
The idea with The Beyonder is similar to the Apocolypse character in our version. Rather than disciples to carry out his will, we’re making characters he has some control over. Due to the fact that The Beyonder wants to take every advantage he can, it makes sense he’d do this. The origin could be used at the end of a movie, likely GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY 3 considering how far off it is from now.

It’ll take a short period of time to set up the situation. This can be further shown when the next AVENGERS movie hits theaters. That’s right, we’re not doing a solo FANTASTIC FOUR film right off. We’re going straight bad guy control with Dr. Doom being by their side. By the end, obviously, they are able to escape control. However, Doom will stay with Beyonder. This leaves us without Doom, at least for a while. We can team the Fantastic Four alongside Doom exact same way know and love… just with a tweak.

In fact, the Fantastic Four play a huge role in The Beyonder’s defeat in the SECRET WARS II saga anyway. Obviously, the debut of Beyonder may need to be altered slightly. That’s if they plan to loop both SECRET WARS stories together. That looks to be what Disney and Marvel Studios are considering right now. Due to all set-up characters having something to do with him, it makes sense to use them. Also, we’ll likely have Battleworld around, and it will allow the multiverse of the MCU to show.

Genre Expansion: The MCU Post-Disney and Fox Merger

After Their MCU Debut

Kang the Conquerer could a The Fantastic Four enemy in the MCU
Kang the Conqueror coming to the MCU could be huge, especially in a solo Fantastic Four movie [image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment]
After they escape Battleworld and go back to their universe or possibly join up with the main one, a solo movie could come. Doom won’t be the villain we’ll see them work against, so another could be sensible. Beyonder will be done for the time being. Yet we obviously do not need to go with Galactus next, as we are going to want to differ from past films. Who makes the most sense? A few stand out, actually.

Kang The Conquerer or Annihilus. Kang uses the abilities of time manipulation to his advantage. Meanwhile, Annihilus is just a straight up cosmic nightmare. The latter often takes many to put him down, so he may be too much for one team. However, he is unique and unused in the movies and even in animated TV form.

One or the other could allow us a break from the norm, and allow us to see what the Fantastic Four can really do. The Guardians of the Galaxy are often the cosmic threat stoppers. However, it would be awesome to let Marvel’s first family have some fun there too.

What We Have Learned Today…

The Fantastic Four cannot debut in the MCU in any ordinary way. We all know the origin, we all know of the villains. We MUST do something new, as well as keep the integrity of the characters intact. It’s obvious if we stick to the comics, we’ll likely be fine. However, we must alter this a bit in favor of the movies too.

Better treatment for them is easy, but that really just means we won’t treat them like they’re an afterthought. This formula would give our favorite family in Marvel a chance to shine. It would also make us care about seeing them in the movies, finally. In the end, that is all fans truly want.

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