Hell takes many forms in DC Comics’ massively enjoyable series THE DEMON: HELL IS EARTH. This Wednesday, get ready for the release of THE DEMON: HELL IS EARTH #4 written by Andrew Constant with art from Andrew Hennessy and Bradley Walker.

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After discovering Merlin back on Earth, Etrigan, Jason, and Madame Xanadu learned the truth behind Earth’s transformation. Belial, Merlin and Etrigan’s father, has taken over hell and imprisoned Lucifer. After doing so, he forced Merlin to put a vile curse on Earth. This spell consequently created what is known as a Hell Zone which engulfed the Earth creating a mirror hell on the planet. The team must now travel across the mystical Death Valley to the source of the Hell Zone to kill Belial.

Despite the conditions, Etrigan couldn’t be happier to have the chance to kill his father. He has begun rhyming again which hints at the return of the Demons’ great power. Jason and Xanadu are increasingly getting anxious with Etrigan’s presence. It doesn’t help that Etrigan is constantly asking Xanadu “if their there yet?” every step of the way. While people like Xanadu would gladly see Etrigan dead, they know that Etrigan is their one chance at defeating Belial and returning Earth to its natural state. To ensure this happens, they must endure Etrigan’s foul attitude.

Finally, THE DEMON: HELL IS EARTH #4 introduces us to Death Valley and it really looks like an awesome location. We learn that the Hell Blast has infected animals across the world creating a new hierarchy of life in order to survive hell’s environment. In this preview, we get a peek at a giant, flaming snake that Etrigan has to fight. And Boy does the Demon look pleased to have a good fight! Will Etrigan, Jason, and the others survive this challenge?

Look for THE DEMON: HELL IS EARTH #4 in Comic Bookstores on 2/28!



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