Disclaimer: The events of BATMAN #64 take place prior to BATMAN #61-63. 

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The DC Universe has been heavily rocked as of late. Tom King’s run on HEROES IN CRISIS has brought death to a number of beloved heroes including Wally West. These deaths have come inexplicably, and, perhaps most frustratingly, with no justice. Thus, in BATMAN #64, The Dark Knight finds himself haunted by the fact that he still has a mystery to solve. History has deemed him the World’s Greatest Detective time and time again, but, today, Batman has fallen behind.

batman #64
BATMAN #64 page 1. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

The Cost of Resurrection in BATMAN #64

The issue commences with The Dark Knight preparing to examine the dead body of Wally West, who has been dead since the events of HEROES IN CRISIS began. Though, he cannot bring himself to bring the scalpel down. As aforementioned, the DC Universe has been wracked with death lately. Of course, Batman is no stranger to experiencing loss. However, he does not often find himself unable to solve a mystery. Therefore, in a fight alongside the Justice League against a squadron of Amazos, Batman finds himself experiencing a breakdown.

Wonder Woman perceives his distressed state of mind has been catalyzed by the failure in his investigation with Flash to find the person responsible for killing Wally. Ultimately, Wonder Woman believes that Batman and Flash should take some time for themselves and find some semblance of peace. Though, one cannot help but wonder, is peace even an option for The Dark Knight? Batman and Flash find themselves teaming up once more during a rescue mission in Central City following a devastating explosion.

As they assess the situation, writer Joshua Williamson depicts a series of flashbacks. They comprise Kid Flash and Robin fighting alongside their mentors. Though, in one sequence, Batman informs Flash that he worries about the dangers their sidekicks face, but Flash counters Batman’s worries by reminding him of the fun Robin and Kid Flash get out of fighting crime.

batman #64
BATMAN #64 page 2. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

The Verdict

The series of flashbacks ultimately fade as Batman explains to Flash the culprit behind the Central City explosion: Gotham Girl. The reveal turns out to be quite the surprise considering the character has not made an appearance since the first issues of the Batman-Rebirth run. However, her return comes with a significant motivation: the resurrection of her brother.

Now, BATMAN #64 gives us a brief introduction to the overarching story Williamson is composing. Though, the story offers readers a much-needed palette cleanser following the inconsistencies of the  “Knightmare” arc. I particularly enjoy the perspective Williamson exemplifies through Batman and Flash in regard to the events of HEROES IN CRISIS. There has yet to be much focus on either of those characters in the events of King’s arc. Thus, seeing the repercussions of HEROES IN CRISIS depicted through these beloved heroes is poignant to witness.

So, overall, Williamson establishes a strong start to an engaging narrative, one that I’m sure will be a worthwhile read.

batman #64
BATMAN #64 page 3. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

The Many Hues of BATMAN #64

The artwork from Guillem Mach establishes some gorgeous sequences. The first page alone, depicted above, exemplifies a plethora of detail that is absolutely mesmerizing to look at. Additionally, colorist Tomeu Morey implements a gorgeous contrast between the color of Wally’s suit and the palette of the Batcave.

Morey continuously plays with light and dark tones throughout the issue with Batman being the primary carrier of obscure hues. Of course, this representation of darkness through Batman’s character is not an uncommon depiction. However, in the context of this story, Flash serves as a continuous hopeful figure that always tries to lift Batman’s spirits. Thus, it is particularly impressive to see the dynamic between these two iconic characters portrayed so genuinely in the imagery of BATMAN #64.

What Lies Beyond

BATMAN #64 is an engaging issue that introduces a story with an abundance of potential. The team-up between Batman and Flash alone is enough to grip one’s attention. Though, with an additional layer of much-needed characterization in light of HEROES IN CRISIS, it is exciting to experience what these characters are going through. So, ultimately, BATMAN #64 changes the pace of the series as of late, allowing a fresh, much-needed tale to grow.

BATMAN #64 by Joshua Williamson, Guillem March, Tomeu Morey, & Steve Wands
BATMAN #64 kicks off a thrilling team-up between two characters that undoubtedly deserve the focus in the midst of HEROES IN CRISIS.
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