Every year, the Arrowverse does an annual crossover between its shows. Last year’s crossover was based on the Invasion storyline. This year’s crossover is Crisis on Earth-X. While this story is not based on an existing storyline, it does take elements from the DC Universe.

For example, there is an Earth where the Nazis won World War II, and because of that, all the superheroes were Nazi versions of themselves. This year’s crossover will have the heroes of the Arrowverse take on what could be the most dangerous enemies in the multiverse: themselves.

Part 1: SUPERGIRL Summary

Crisis on Earth-X started differently than last year’s crossover. Last season’s crossover featured SUPERGIRL as its own episode with an ending that lead to the finale. This year, the format changed so that we see everyone preparing for Barry and Iris’s wedding. We see a glimpse of a computer-generated Earth-X which was interesting.

The graphics showcased a dark tone, with a red sky. It showed how much worse this Earth was compared to the look of Earth-1. James Olsen’s Guardian made a surprise cameo appearance fighting Dark Arrow. The show moves on from the defeat by showing that everyone needs to RSVP for the wedding on Earth 1.

Supergirl Review

The first half hour of the episode focuses on getting the heroes all in one place. In this case, they are coming together for the wedding. Once everyone gets together, we see how different characters interact, and different storylines for characters play out.

Most of these storylines are played for laughs but also include some touching moments in between. When the wedding finally happens, all seems to be going well. That is when the visitors of Earth-X attack. The heroes continue fighting them back and eventually cause them to retreat. It was not a total loss as the heroes were able to capture Earth-X Prometheus.

This Week on The Arrowverse: Crisis on Earth-X (Video)

This episode is a strong opener because it showcases the danger of Earth-X but manages to balance the seriousness of it all with some fun. The only problems with this episode are just nitpicking, but worth mentioning. Mostly the CGI was obvious and overused when it didn’t have to be. Also, tensions between characters escalated quickly when they didn’t have to, making the episode feel rushed. Characters did not explore the tension or try to resolve it at that moment.

Part 2: ARROW Summary

Part 2 of Crisis on Earth-X starts off with Earth-X Prometheus revealing his identity to everyone, including Oliver. Prometheus takes off his mask to reveal that he is Tommy Merlin, Oliver’s best friend in Season 1. Oliver and Tommy have a touching moment until Tommy reveals that he does believe in his cause and kills himself. Throughout the episode, we learn more about Earth-X and its place in the Multiverse. Instead of being Earth-10, it is revealed to be the 53rd Earth that no one talks about because of how dangerous it is.

Crisis on Earth-X Villains.
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We also find out that Dark Archer, Overgirl, and Reverse Flash came to Earth-1 other than to conquer. It is revealed that Overgirl is dying and needs Supergirl’s heart to stay alive. This revelation leads to a major critique of the episode. Why would they go to Earth-1 to find a new heart for Overgirl?


There is no way they could have possibly known that Supergirl was going to be on Earth-1 at the time. Also, how could Jax not know that there is more than one Earth? He should know that Supergirl is from another Earth having seen Barry get her last year.

It was fun seeing Tom Cavanagh be the Reverse Flash again. The Reverse Flash seems to be the same one from Earth-1, but considering how he died on LEGENDS, it is unclear if he is the same Reverse Flash. Dark Archer had the smart idea of hurting people in STAR Labs. Since STAR Labs is always working on something to stop villains, it makes sense to try and slow them down as much as possible.

The episode ends with the heroes, except Supergirl, trapped in a concentration camp on Earth-X. It gets you excited for the next two episodes and makes you want to know how these heroes will stop the conquering of their world.

Why Crossovers Work: A Look at the Insanity

Part 3: FLASH Summary

Crisis on Earth-X has been an emotional roller coaster, and the third part of this crossover only adds the ride. The heroes trapped on Earth-X break out of the concentration camp with help from The Ray and Earth-X’s Captain Cold, or Leo, as he prefers. After being freed, the heroes are brought to the base of the rebels. The heroes find out how they arrived and want to go back to their Earth through the Nazi’s portal.

General Winn Schott of Earth-X won’t allow it and wants to blow up the portal with Red Tornado. The Ray and The Flash try to stop the Red Tornado from blowing up the portal but are unable to. Throughout the great action fights going on in the building, Professor Stein is shot down by a Nazi soldier.

On Earth-1, Felicity and Iris try to free the heroes trapped in the Anti-Meta chambers to help stop Dark Archer, Overgirl, and the Reverse Flash. Reverse Flash is about to perform the surgery to take Supergirl’s heart and give it to Overgirl, but Felicity cuts the power just in time. Iris and Felicity try to save Supergirl but are stopped by Metallo. Reverse Flash threatens to kill Felicity, but Supergirl allows herself to be captured to let Felicity live.

FLASH Review

This episode continued showcasing and exploring different relationships and showed how they have evolved. Sara and Alex have a touching moment when Sara reveals that she knows what it is like to lose a sister. She promises that Alex won’t have to go through that same experience. Jax and Stein finally come to an understanding which brings them closer together than before. Iris and Felicity showcase that they are not just dead weight but can actually help out when needed. They may not help as much as other heroes, but they can still take out Nazi soldiers on their own, which is impressive.

CW’s Crossover Event Does Just Enough To Satisfy


The finale does not hold back on action or emotion. We knew for a while that Victor Garber would leave LEGENDS OF TOMORROW to star in a revival of the play Hello Dolly! What was unknown was how the show would address his absence.

Most people assumed he would just retire in the mid-season finale. This episode addresses the dilemma by having Martin Stein be killed. He took the vial given to him by Cisco to separate his life force from Jax, allowing himself to die and Jax to live.

All the heroes grieve his death and decide that they are going to stop the Nazis once and for all. The heroes come together and take down the Nazis while Flash, Supergirl, and Green Arrow deal with their counterparts. In the end, Barry lets Reverse Flash go, but Supergirl and Green Arrow deal with their counterparts, permanently.

Reverse Flash — Criminally Underrated

Captain Cold and Heat Wave are the only characters that delve into their relationship with each other during this installment of Crisis On Earth-X. It was great seeing those two together since the actors, Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell respectively, work well together. The ending of the episode had a nice cameo with John Diggle marrying Barry and Iris as well as Oliver and Felicity. Olicity fans will enjoy Oliver and Felicity’s surprise marriage.

Final Thoughts on Crisis On Earth-X

Overall, Crisis On Earth-X provided tons of fun and action, but it was also able to deepen the relationships with certain characters. Characters grew stronger after bonding with each other and grew as characters. While this crossover could have just been a political message about the events of Charlottesville, Virginia, it managed to evolve the characters.

Knowing the CW, they could have used this crossover to address how our president couldn’t disavow the Neo-Nazis and white supremacists. This episode has a political message telling Nazis that they are not welcome on Earth-1, but that is as far as they go with the political aspect. Crisis on Earth-X managed to tell a good story and make sure it has long-lasting effects on the rest of the Arrowverse. If you are a fan of the Arrowverse, it is a must watch.

Crisis on Earth-X
Crisis on Earth-X is a well-handled event that manages to evolve characters and tell an interesting story. The CW is known for cheesy storytelling, but the story does manage to be intriguing and exciting. This crossover manages to have long-lasting effects throughout the Arrowverse, something last year's crossover barely did.
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  1. Renji Kuriakose

    December 11, 2017 at 11:23 am

    Thank you. I wanted to be as fair as possible with the review and I did enjoy how Iris and Felicity had a role besides getting married to a superhero.


  2. Niki

    December 11, 2017 at 11:11 am

    Sorry auto correct strikes again! That was suppose to say “why tempt fate” not faith.


  3. Niki

    December 11, 2017 at 11:06 am

    HI, Hello! Remember me? I really enjoyed reading your review on Crisis on Earth X. Agreed with most of your critique. I noticed you even gave Iris & Felicity a fair shake on their trying to save Supergirl.
    I truly enjoyed the crossover and was so happy they did it over 2 days instead of 4. It made for quite an old fashioned “event tv”, which isn’t done much anymore.
    Must confess I was disappointed to discover this wasn’t about Nazi’s conquering Earth 1 but Dark Arrow saving Overgirl. I wasn’t sure I even agreed to go along with the Nazi theme for apparent reasons. Then to find out it was so evil Overgirl could steal a heart! Trivialization galore…and to think some idiots thought that was “romantic”! Ack!
    I am totally on your same page with how did they know to go to Earth 1 to tag Super Girl, it makes NO sense.
    Also I must say as an Olicity fan the writers certainly didn’t do Felicity any favors with the whole “I don’t want to marry you” and the rush hijack wedding in the last FIVE minutes of the whole crossover. Face palming was what I spent a lot of time doing. I get why they had her afraid of taking that step. The last time she said yes, everything fell apart…why tempt faith when everything was going so good? But the writers are still horrible at relaying intent behind character’s actions and it made her look fickle and harsh.
    Anyway overall I loved it and thought they did a great job entertaining the viewer and that’s what really matters. I was thoroughly entertained. By the show and your review.


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