catwoman #2

After calling off the wedding of the century, Selina Kyle decided to commence her own journey of self-exploration. Unfortunately, for her, taking time off doesn’t come easy for vigilantes, particularly when an army of copycats are coming after you! So, in CATWOMAN #2, the mystery regarding the Catwoman-copycats continues to unfold as new threats begin to reveal themselves.

catwoman #2
CATWOMAN #2 page 1. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

The Nights Are Still Lonely

Writer Joëlle Jones picks up right where CATWOMAN #1 left off as Catwoman fights a multitude of copycats. Though she manages to take all of her opponents down, some of the copycats are quite brutal in their methods. As a result, Catwoman finds herself being pushed to the edge both mentally and physically. She even reflects on her breakup with Batman in the midst of the fight, acknowledging that living without him has not gotten easier. However, she maintains hope that her vigilante lifestyle will eventually numb the pain.

Miss Kyle Roams Free in Catwoman #1

Now, after defeating and interrogating her copycats, Catwoman discovers that they have ties to Governor Creel. He is the husband of the mysterious Raina Creel, who was introduced to us in the last issue. As of now though, it seems as though Raina is the one pulling the strings.

When one of the copycats meets with Raina after the fight against Catwoman, Raina has the copycat’s hand broken as punishment for her failure to evade Catwoman. Thus, Raina truly asserts herself as this series’ villain so far, a remorseless individual who has a deep desire to destroy Catwoman.

catwoman #2
CATWOMAN #2 page 2. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

The Cat, The Bat, & The Creels

Jones’ exploration of Raina’s brutality is undoubtedly this work’s strongest point. The development of her character has been a slow process, but that’s a good thing. Jones gives us just enough to know that Raina is self-seeking and cruel, yet we don’t exactly know why. The mystery of Raina Creel persists, and that’s one of the many reasons why readers will remain enthralled by this series.

Overall though, this issue doesn’t move as swiftly as its predecessor nor does it move the plot as much. The conclusion features Selina Kyle attending an event held by The Creels. So, I would have liked to begin to see the interaction between the two sides before the issue ended. However, CATWOMAN #2 still maintains a quality narrative that embodies an engaging adventure you can’t possibly look away from.

catwoman #2
CATWOMAN #2 page 3. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

The Many Hues of CATWOMAN #2

Personally, I have always been a fan of Joëlle Jones’ artwork. She always implements originality and control in each and every panel. So, her work on CATWOMAN #2 is no different. Firstly, I love the way she depicts the opening fight between Catwoman and the copycats. When the fight begins, Jones isolates Catwoman and her opponent, shutting out the rest of the copycats in the room. This isolation ultimately parallels Catwoman’s desire for solitude and escape from her current inner conflicts. She wants to find escape in her vigilantism, and this sequence showcases that.


In the fight, Jones depicts Catwoman’s strength as well as how naturally fighting comes to her. She’s in her element so through it, she may find some solace. Now, I also love the shot Jones illustrates towards the end of the issue when Selina first arrives at The Creels’ party. Jones’ portrayal of Selina Kyle exudes so much elegance, her image is always so captivating.

Also, Laura Allred’s accompanying colors never fail to impress. I particularly enjoy the bold pops of red she’ll incorporate into scenes of violence. Ultimately, the artwork of this series thus far has been absolutely stellar, and that alone is a reason not to miss an issue.

What Lies Beyond

The conclusion of CATWOMAN #2 depicts our titular vigilante entering the belly of the beast. Though we may know that The Creels are up to no good, Catwoman is still in the dark. She does not know her enemy as much as she would like to. As a result, she may be in much more danger than she knows.

So far, this series has been proven to be well-liked amongst comic book readers. Its vivid artwork and intriguing narrative have made for some fantastic installments. Therefore, I know I, and many other readers, will stay tuned to see what lies ahead for The Cat as she continues her solo adventures.

CATWOMAN #2 by Joelle Jones, Laura Allred, & Josh Reed
CATWOMAN #2 may move at a slower pace than its predecessor. However, its exploration of Raina Creel's malice as well as Catwoman's newest entanglements make for a solid work.
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