Robert Kirkman takes his time showcasing The Commonwealth in THE WALKING DEAD #179. Kirkman's dialogue is fitting for each fluctuating scene, and the slow suspenseful buildup towards the twist ending is really great. Charlie Adlard and Stefano Gaudiano's artwork is as good as expected.
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Suspenseful Buildup
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THE WALKING DEAD #179 explains the class system in The Commonwealth. Last issue, Sebastian’s temper tantrum left Michonne and company feeling distraught. Not only is Sebastian a spoiled brat, he has others agreeing with his way of thinking.

The majority of THE WALKING DEAD #179 showcases The Commonwealth and all its good sides. Class system aside, this place has a lot to offer. Charlie Adlard and Stefano Gaudiano do a wonderful job drawing and shading civilized activities from dining out to watching football. This is a nice change of pace, and it almost feels odd seeing the protagonists partake in such mundane exercises.

Interested in what makes this issue such a tease? Read on to find out!

The Basic Plot of THE WALKING DEAD #179

This issue starts immediately with Michonne asking Mercer for an explanation. Last issue, it was left feeling like some sort of racism was occurring in The Commonwealth. That’s certainly still probable, but Mercer gives a very basic explanation: the job and lifestyle you had before the zombie breakout is the job and lifestyle you’ll have after. Opportunities are given for those to move up, but that’s essentially it.

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The group goes back and forth on their feelings about this structure, but only Manga outwardly opposes it. It’s shocking to hear Eugene and Michonne state how it makes sense, but this agreement allows them to view the Commonwealth and all it has to offer.

And what it has to offer is a lot! The views, the new buildings, the idea of having your very own apartment, these are all concepts that are so radical to Michonne and the others. They haven’t had these since the breakout. Now they can, and the idea is very intriguing. In fact, it’s intriguing enough for them to allow the governor and a group of soldiers to come to Alexandria and try to work out a deal.

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Before they set out, Michonne decides to stay behind with her daughter. Eugene is surprised by this, but Michonne gives up her katana and informs Eugene to show Rick: she claims this will be all the convincing he needs. But is this right? Is this logical? On the final page as they approach Alexandria, Eugene subtly eludes there is a greater plan at work, but we’ll have to wait for the conclusion of “New World Order” to find out what exactly everyone is thinking.

Kirkman and His Character Development

The best part of THE WALKING DEAD #179 is the continuous world building taking place. Much of this series revolves around the idea of character development. There are issues upon issues where no immediate action takes place. This is fine. Because when the action does take place, you know there are consequences. You know these characters all mean something; nobody is simply a throwaway hero.


This goes against normal superhero convention where only a few characters are given proper meaning. Yes, there’s the support cast, but you really don’t get a lot of alone time with them. In THE WALKING DEAD, especially THE WALKING DEAD #179, we see each character getting proper panel time. We learn Magna is ready to stand up for what she believes in; we learn more about Michonne’s guilt over losing her daughter; and we learn about Eugene’s infatuation with Stephanie. These are all things that help these characters grow. A lot of them are subtle, but they will absolutely create a big impact when their lives are on the line later in the series.

The Artwork of THE WALKING DEAD #179

Image Courtesy of Image Comics

Charlie Adlard continues to shine. It’s nice he finally gets a break from drawing zombies. Instead of the normal walking dead, we’re presented his interpretation of town life in a society after the apocalypse. Seeing characters buy muffins and bread, watching them eat ice cream. It’s all very basic, but I like how Adlard details each scene so heavily. You can tell this was a treat for him. And the shading by Stefano Gaudiano adds so much depth to Adlard’s drawings. Black and white defines this comic, but the proper shading is what makes it so good.

What can we Expect Next?

THE WALKING DEAD #179 ends on a very curious note. Eugene hints at a plan, but there’s been no indication what this plan is! Again, to avoid spoilers, it’s best to read this issue at face value and go back and evaluate. Kirkman may be keeping secrets from us readers about our main protagonists, and if that’s the case, I can’t wait to see the following arc after “New World Order.”

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