Many years ago, I took a theatrical script analysis class at Marymount Manhattan College. Back then, I was an awful student. I didn’t go to class more than I did go, and I loved a good party. At a rare occasion when I went to class, my professor talked about a one-act play that stayed with me.

I don’t remember the name of the play. I’m not sure I remember the plot particularly well. Still, the amorphous anti-plot, the loneliness, and the absurd realism of it all stuck with me decades later.

As someone who deals with anxiety, depression, and obsessive-compulsive disorder — just to name a few things — I’m well aware of the power of comics and graphic novels, particularly in memoir or non-fiction form. Comics felt like the perfect medium to express the crushing experience of living with intrusive thoughts and the debilitating weight of hopelessness depression causes.

I’m honored to have worked with artist Mair Sierra and editor Kat Vendetti on this webcomic.

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