THE TERRIFICS #11 by Jeff Lemire, Viktor Bogdanovic, Jonathan Glapion, & Michael Spicer
Lemire and Bogdonavic deliver another great issue of THE TERRIFICS. The team has separated, but splitting up doesn't mean everyone gets what they wanted. Add the continued threat of Doc Dread and the Terrifics may have to reunite to save themselves... but can they?
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THE TERRIFICS #11 shows that moving on doesn’t mean leaving danger behind, and the team may regret their decision. Writer Jeff Lemire has really put the four members of the Terrifics through the wringer: sending them into the Dark Multiverse, chaining them together via dark matter, and giving them a lethal new villain in Doc Dread. The Terrrifics have finally been freed of their dark matter bonds, but that doesn’t mean that their troubles are over!

THE TERRIFICS #11 Teaches Some Hard Lessons

THE TERRIFICS #11 explores the journeys that each of the Terrifics takes, some mundane and some fantastical. Rex, formerly Metamorpho, struggles to find a job. He worries about being a civilian again and providing for himself as well as Sapphire. Plastic Man tries to reconnect with his ex-flame Angel and his son Luke. It doesn’t go well, as Angel reminds him that he has always preferred being a superhero to being a family man. Luke absolutely lets Plastic Man have it, letting his resentment out on the stretchy hero. Luke then kicks Plastic Man out of their apartment. Ouch.

Back on Bgztl, a huge gala is thrown for the return of Linnya Wazzo, the former Phantom Girl. Linnya may have returned home, but her heart longs for the adventuring life, and her former teammates. Linnya’s mom will have none of it, as the banquet’s purpose is to find Linnya a suitor, so she can make heirs for her mother.

THE Terrifics 11
THE TERRIFICS #11 page 4. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment

Mister Terrific’s story is the main through line, as he decides to carry the burden of defeating Doc Dread. Holt reconstructs his own T-Sphere since Dread stole the original. Terrific ruminates on his former allies as he tries to figure out Dread’s next move. He tracks down his foe, only for him to disappear into the Multiverse! Terrific manages to create a new Sphere, replete with multiverse traveling capabilities. Dread is killing Terrifics throughout the Multiverse, and it isn’t until Earth 23 (where Superman is President) that Terrific finally catches the Java. In this universe, Holt’s dead wife Paula is Miss Terrific! After Doc Dread shoots down the Sphere, Holt discovers the caveman has a surprise in store for him. Pick up THE TERRIFICS #11 to find out what that is!

Lemire Ups the Emotions

Lemire has given us a great juxtaposition in this installment. For ten issues, most of the group has been working hard to split up and get back to their lives and — in THE TERRIFICS #11 — they do just that. Things don’t always work out the way you want them to, though. Poor Plastic Man has a flame that hates him and a son who resents him for being born with his old man’s powers. Initially, Linnya wanted to go home, but she’s come to really love her life as an adventurer. These new trials and tribulations, and the continued suffering of our heroes, makes THE TERRIFICS a great series.

Lemire’s manipulation of the team’s (and our) emotions is masterful. He gives us a lot to ponder in-between the great adventures and big action. These little moments, where we discover the heroes’ motivations — what drives them and what hurts them — and how that boils up to the surface in the heat of the moment. So he book has given us characters to feel and root for, and Lemire’s writing takes the credit for that.

Bogdanovic Delivers in THE TERRIFICS #11

THE TERRIFICS #11 pages 2 & 3. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment

Lemire’s writing couldn’t go that far without the help of the excellent Viktor Bogdanovic. Bogdanovic’s art really comes through this issue. He tackles things like multiversal travel, as well as intimate moments like Plastic Man getting thrown out.

Bogdonavic infuses every panel with detail and emotion, his faces are full of expression and tell a lot of the story by themselves. The pain in Plastic Man’s face was particularly heartbreaking, as was the frustration between Rex and Sapphire.

Will the Band Get Back Together?

THE TERRIFICS #11 leaves us on one heck of a down note. The team is scattered, everyone is having problems acclimating to their new lives. Doc Dread still wants the team, or at least Holt, dead. There’s a lot that would have to happen to get the gang back together, especially considering Mister Terrific’s current whereabouts! I’m looking forward to seeing how Lemire and Bogdanovic extricate our heroes from their current predicament!

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