Henry Cavill is gone as Superman. Well, probably. Maybe? I don’t know, this video is weird.

Anyway, if he is out — as most signs indicate — then the world will need a new cinematic Superman. You might think Warner Bros can wait, but I’m here to tell you they disagree. So, in the spirit of support, we here at ComicsVerse offer these suggestions.

The Choices For Superman

Superman Casting: Bomer
Please meet your frontrunner for the Superman, Matt Bomer. (Courtesy of FILMMAGIC)

1. Matt Bomer

Arguably as attractive a man as exists in the world, Bomer actually nearly ended up being Superman once before. Back in the dark days of superhero films, the world was nearly “treated” to a Brett Ratner directed feature. Bomer was on the shortlist of actors for Clark Kent when the project collapsed.

Now, over a decade later, Bomer remains as attractive and fit as ever but has deepened his acting skill. After a long-running role as one of those welcome characters of the USA Network and working for Steven Soderbergh, he has demonstrated that there is depth behind those blue eyes and blinding smile.

Additionally, the fact that he is an out gay man cannot be ignored. It would piss off all the right people and be an important symbolic moment. There is every reason to cast him already and this would be an undeniable cherry on top.

Superman Casting: Golding
Henry Golding is ready for his S-Shield. (Courtesy of New York Magazine)

2. Henry Golding

First, yes, this is a long shot. Golding would be controversial with a certain sect of horrible people because he is Asian, not white. Plus, both of the Big Two have shown little interest in casting actors of races that do not match their comics counterparts when it comes to the marquee players. The one exception is Michael B. Jordan as Johnny Storm, the Human Torch. But we’ll get to him later.

However, Golding is a man worth taking a flyer on. He is relatively new to American audiences which I think is always an advantage when trying to cast for an iconic character. In addition to being a relatively new face, though, he has proven he can rise to an important occasion and nail the dismount. His performance in CRAZY RICH ASIANS has been praised for talent and, let’s be honest here, hotness.

To summarize, the people it might piss off are worth pissing off, he is relatively new while still showing he can handle the spotlight, and he can fill out that costume, no problem.

Superman Casting: Hamm
Jon Hamm in a scene from SUCKER PUNCH. Directed by Zack Snyder. Who else directed MAN OF STEEL. So….fate, right? (Courtesy of Warner Bros Pictures)

3. John Hamm

I mean, why not choose Hamm, right?

Superman Casting: Hoechlin
Tyler Hoechlin takes advantage of his edge. (Courtesy of The CW Network)

4. Tyler Hoechlin

Warner Bros has been very clear, in word and deed, that they will not use their television show players in movies or vice versa. So this suggestion will NEVER happen. However, that does not make it wrong. In fact, I’d argue it makes WB wrong. Hoechlin has proven himself a good Man of Steel — compassionate, smart, and charismatic. I have always felt like he doesn’t quite look the part, but whatever. Biases are made to be ripped down and Hoechlin has done the work to deserve a shot.

Superman Casting: Jordan
Michael B. Jordan ponders a superheroic future as Superman. (Courtesy of GQ)

5. Michael B. Jordan

See, I told you we’d get here.

Honestly, I’m just including him on the list because of the rumors.

Don’t get me wrong. Jordan has the capacity to be an AWESOME Superman. However, after two big-budget superhero roles — the aforementioned Human Torch, the excellent Killmonger – a budding franchise in CREED — I don’t know he’d really be looking for another job that is both a franchise and a superhero.

But, again, if he was interested, wow. The man is the real deal when it comes to acting and an African-American Superman would be incredible.

Superman Casting: Lacy
Jake Lacy shows off all those Superteeth. (Courtesy of Shutterstock)

6. Jake Lacy

Lacy has been around a bit, but still hasn’t really gotten a breakout role. Again, an actor with chops who still hasn’t gotten a signature look or style is an advantage to slipping into those red boots.

However, not every working actor is right for Superman. What sets Lacy apart is his ability to project corn-fed Middle American charm as perhaps best showcased in OBVIOUS CHILD. Moreover, in that role, is able to project a genuine sense of decency that makes, as the viewer, easily accept as a good person before we even see the showy acts of super heroics.

Also while none of them fit the Superman/Clark Kent mode, he has shown a good grasp of being able to play characters with alter egos, how to demonstrate how different they could appear, realistically, while letting small bleed throughs occur to show he is, in fact, the same person.

Superman Casting: O'Connell
Jack O’Connell has never worn glasses according to the internet. Feels like a good time to start. (Courtesy of Filmow)

7. Jack O’Connell

A real deal actor who seemed poised to breakout a few years ago, O’Connell found his momentum derailed by the film MONEY MONSTER which looked like a slam dunk on paper. He tends to play scruffy and desperate, but if you review the fullness of his career, he can bring it for other kinds of characters as well. He has talent, he was worthy of the big break, it is time to give him a shot at the big time.

Superman Casting: Reynor
Jack Reynor, on the other hand, has never been photographed without facial hair. (Courtesy of Daily Mail)

8. Jack Reynor

Reynormost recently seen in KIN — has been rolling up quite the resume the past several years in small films with big critical support. Born in America and raised in Ireland, he has nicely demonstrated a chameleonic ability that only reveals his culture when he required. He has stood up to effects work in movies both horribly bad and wildly expensive — TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION — and pretty good with moderate budgets — KIN. Imagine what he could do in good films with wildly expensive budgets.

Superman Casting: Tatum
Channing Tatum, with a bowler hat. (Courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox)

9. Channing Tatum

We can be real with each other, right? It’s just us.

That GAMBIT movie is never going to happen. Like never ever ever. With that in mind, why not Tatum?! He’s an excellent piece of American muscle who has proven to be far more than that. His acting has grown by leaps and bounds. Plus in roles like the 21 JUMP STREET films, he has shown an ease with being self-effacing, a great thing for an actor playing Superman to have. He is a bigger name and recognizable, but if you can have Tatum in the red, yellow, and blue, you go ahead and do that.

Nic Cage in GHOST RIDER (Courtesy of Sony Pictures)

10. Nic Cage

Another almost-was Man of Steel. Cage is a comics-obsessed fan who named his son Kal-El, voiced Superman in TEEN TITANS GO TO THE MOVIES, and has literally already been fitted for versions of a Supersuit.

Hollywood ripped away his one chance at playing the Man of Tomorrow, that place owes this to him. Is he older? Yes! Does he have less hair? Yes! Do you think that will stop him from delivering a gonzo genius performance as Clark Kent/Superman? HELL NO!

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Get him Samuel L. Jackson’s wig man, give him sixth months to get back into GHOST RIDER shape, and boom! We just pulled the world back onto the best timeline.


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