TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES DIMENSION X #2 is a solid continuation of what was built by the last issue. I was bummed out that issue's planet didn't have much a backstory to it and found the plot's humor lackluster. With the focus on Anemon and Eymo's relationship, the Turtles become mentors. Like in the last issue, the Neutrinos don't have much any characterization aside from being pilots/mechanics. That being said, the panel layout is fantastic in this issue.
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The Turtles continue on their interplanetary quest in TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES DIMENSION X #2. The comic now has Ulises Farinas and Erick Freitas writing and Michael Dialynas penciling and coloring. This translates into a shift in tone with an art style that’s closer to the animated Nickelodeon series’ while retaining the comic series’ action-adventure flair.

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Previously in TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES DIMENSION X #1, the Turtles recruited B’een, an alien who can sense emotions, and fended off Krang’s assassin, Hakk-r. In issue 2, the Turtles continue to recruit witnesses for the Trial of Krang. The Turtles find themselves on a planet with giant flying fish monsters called cloud beasts seeking the planet’s sole resident who can help our heroes.

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From Soldier To Sumo Farmer

The witness turns out to be Anemon, a silent alien sumo wrestler turned farmer with a giant face. Anemon befriends a small fish with a giant eye named Eymo. Anemon is an ex-soldier of Krang’s who gave Krang the incorrect coordinates of his home planet. While he promises not to harm Anemon’s people, Krang wants to use the stored food on the planet to feed his soldiers. Anemon, fearing that Krang will starve his people, gives the dictator false coordinates.

When Krang orders Anemon’s imprisonment, Anemon escapes, but as he fights his way out, he becomes blind. He then flees to the planet where the Turtles find him. The Turtles think that Anemon is holding Eymo hostage, but they’re unaware that it’s a ruse by Eymo. The Turtles challenge Anemon to a series of one-on-one duels under one condition: If Anemon can defeat one of the Turtles, he stays; if he loses, then he will agree to release Eymo and testify against Krang.

Leonardo has Michaelangelo make his signature three topping pizza in order to tire out Anemon. Ironically, eating the pizza makes Anemon stronger. When Anemon faces Leo, Leo enlists the other Turtles to help him win. This results in Anemon falling down a hill. A twist reveals that Anemon is blind and vulnerable without Eymo. Cloud beasts are the big bad in this issue, and Eymo and Anemon depend on each other to take out a cloud beast that suddenly charges at the Turtles.

With the focus being on Anemon, Hakk-r takes a backseat in this issue. However, he makes a brief appearance at the end. The plot has an intimate tone to it. After the two introductory pages, a series of flashbacks reveal Anemon’s backstory with Krang as well as how he met Eymo and became a farmer.

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Depression, Disability, And Redemption

Farinas and Freitas make Anemon and Eymo’s relationship central to TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES DIMENSION X #2. Anemon is a broken shell of an alien who loses the will to live when he meets Eymo. Anemon feels guilty for betraying and dishonoring his people. As such, Anemon does not speak until the last several pages of the comic. Because Anemon lost the will to live after going blind, Eymo takes over as Anemon’s eyes and mouth when the Turtles encounter and battle him. 

Raph becomes the voice of reason in this issue. He helps Anemon see that fighting cloud beasts, eating, and farming with Eymo is what it means to live a sumo’s life. Raph also helps Anemon see that, even though he’s the last of his people, he can live a meaningful existence. Anemon goes through an emotional experience after going blind similar to how people react after an accident in real life. I think the writers handled the subject matter well, showing that family and support is always there during tough times.

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Dialynas’ Art Channels Animated Nickelodeon Series

Michael Dialynas’s art style in TEENAGE MUTANT DIMENSION X #2 is a nod to the ongoing Nickelodeon series. Dialynas uses thick, bold lines bursting with energy in his rendering of the Turtles and Anemon. I particularly enjoyed how his use of hatching lines add depth to characters. It felt like a hand-drawn cartoon in places. While I preferred Paul Tunica’s sketchy, realistic take on the turtles in TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES DIMENSION X #1, Dialynas’ art is quite charming overall.

Additionally, Dialynas’ colors are a marvel to look at. They explode in a huge gamut of pastel colors. If there’s one thing that remains consistent across both issues, it’s how each artist makes fascinating use of color for flashbacks. While Tunica used a wide range of blue hues, black, and yellow in his flashback panels, Dialynas uses a bigger range of complementary colors such as violet and orange. As a result, his panels have a strong sense of dynamism reminiscent of manga-style comics.

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All in all, I think TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES DIMENSION X #2 is a solid follow up. While I think TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES DIMENSION X #2 lacks the witty humor of the prior issue, Farinas and Freitas make up for it by using pizza as an amusing plot device. And who doesn’t love pizza? Also, this issue has a cool twist. If anyone misses Hakk-r, don’t worry; he will be back next issue.

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