Last year Warner Brothers surprised everyone with one of the best Batman films in years with THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE. This year, TEEN TITANS GO TO THE MOVIES continues Warner Brother’s trend of fantastic animated DC films. To many people, this news came as a surprise. TEEN TITANS GO! received much hate when it first debuted on Cartoon Network in 2013.

The hate came from fans of the original TEEN TITANS show that also aired on Cartoon Network. They felt the show was a poor representation of these characters and it mocked fans of the original cartoon. However, TEEN TITANS GO! has evolved since then and it has completely mastered the art of self-deprecating humor. An art that the show carries over into its film, along with even more surprises.

What’s the Story?

Robin is the leader of the Teen Titans, a “superhero” group that is seen as a joke by other superheroes. In the film, Robin believes that in order to be viewed as a true hero he needs to have his own superhero movie. TEEN TITANS GO TO THE MOVIES is basically about how the other titans help Robin achieve his dream. One of their attempts involves acquiring an arch-nemesis. So they attempt to foil Deadpools’ Slade’s plan to take over the world.

Cyborg confuses Slade for Deadpool. Photo courtesy of DC Entertainment.

It is a simple story that is straightforward with an obvious message about being true to yourself. However, the road in which to get to that message is riddled with hi-jinks and tons of laughs.

Mocking Superheroes While Also Celebrating Them

As mentioned earlier, TEEN TITANS GO! has become a champion at self-depreciating humor. Normally on the show, they make fun of themselves. However, in the film, they widen their scope to every superhero movie.

This does not only include DC films, but they make fun of Marvel films as well. As much as comic book fans enjoy superheroes and superhero movies, at face value, they are rather ridiculous. This film points out these flaws in superhero movies in a way that must be seen in order to be believed.

The Teen Titans and other superheroes enjoying a movie. Photo courtesy of DC Entertainment

What elevates TEEN TITANS GO TO THE MOVIES’ status as a satire film is its ability to turn these flaws around. Superheroes can be ridiculous at times, and despite the film illustrating this, they also connect it back to their lesson. Celebrating what makes these heroes unique and being true to one’s self. The best superhero films are the ones that don’t try to change to please certain demographics. This film is proof that embracing who you are is how you will be truly happy in life.

Is Teen Titans Go Really So Bad?

Sacrificing A Joke For A Sad Moment

Some fans criticized DEADPOOL 2 for being too funny, in that certain scenes it went for a joke instead of allowing the emotion to take center stage. While DEADPOOL 2 is clearly a comedy, it makes sense for the writers to want to make the viewers laugh. However, a good comedy can become a great film if it is willing to lose the opportunity for a joke and let a sad moment be left alone. TEEN TITANS GO TO THE MOVIES did just that.

Teen Titans rock out but know when to be sad. Video courtesy of DC Entertainment.

I won’t disclose what was the sad moment in the film, but it is surprising that this film had any sad moments at all. It could have just been nonstop jokes for cheap laughs, but no, it chooses to be better. Even if you’re not a fan of TEEN TITANS GO! you have to appreciate when a film attempts to go the extra mile.

TEEN TITANS GO TO THE MOVIES Wastes The Audience’s Time

I won’t state what the Teen Titans do in the film in order to help Robin get his own movie, but there is a sequence of events that ultimately amount to nothing. This sequence added nothing to the overall plot. While this may be viewed as a flaw by some, this was actually an excellent example of how to waste the audiences’ time.

In certain films, extra sequences that don’t relate to the plot bores the audience. In TEEN TITANS GO TO THE MOVIES, the added sequences were hilarious! It did not matter that this would ultimately lead to nothing in the overall story because it was funny. A film’s primary goal is to entertain its audience, so some scenes don’t need to relate to the plot – as long as they are entertaining.

Robin explaining his plan to get his own movie. Photo courtesy of DC Entertainment

If you wish to hear my thoughts on some specific aspects of this film in more detail, then continue reading.

Score: 9.5/10

Spoilers Ahead

Do not continue reading if you do not want the film spoiled for you!

Stan Lee Cameo (actually voiced by Stan Lee)

Towards the beginning of the film, the Teen Titans enter a studio film lot in order to ask a big-time Hollywood director to make a movie about Robin. In the background, there is an old man sweeping while staring straight at the camera. He immediately runs up and reveals himself to be none other than Stan Lee.

Stan Lee’s Top 10 Marvel Movie Cameos

Stan Lee proceeds to showboat in front of the camera for his “subtle” cameo. He later returns for the film’s climax stating that he doesn’t mind if it’s a DC film, he loves cameos! This joke alone is hilarious, but the fact that they got the real Stan Lee to voice the character raises this joke to a whole other level.

Killing Micheal Bolton Tiger

When Robin is depressed about not having his own superhero movie, his friends cheer him up. How do they do this? With an upbeat, inspirational song! The song included various colorful visuals, a realistic dolphin playing the drums, and even singer Michael Bolton as a white tiger.

The Teen Titans run over Michael Bolton Tiger! Photo courtesy of DC Entertainment.

The entire sequence was in itself ridiculously over the top with its visuals and lyrics — but that’s what made it so funny. Had the film just left it at that, it would have been a funny sequence that leads to the next scene. But the film takes a dark turn when the Teen Titans run over the Michael Bolton Tiger! What’s worse is that the Teen Titans freak out and just leave him there! We never find out what happened to Michael Bolton Tiger!

TEEN TITANS Season 6 Is Happening!

The biggest news, of course, is in the after credit scene of TEEN TITANS GO TO THE MOVIES. It begins with static and the brief images of the Teen Titans. However, it is not the ones that were just seen in this movie. The heroes talk over one another in an attempt to get a proper signal, stating there isn’t much time.

Once they acquire a signal and the picture is clear — it’s the Teen Titans from the original 2003 version! The final lines of this teaser come from Robin:

This is the Teen Titans. We think we’ve found a way back.

OH, MY GOD! Tara Strong and Greg Cipes were telling the truth! In their tweets, they heavily implied that if their film did well enough, fans could see TEEN TITANS season 6. At first, fans were doubtful. Would Cartoon Network really bring back a show that ended well over a decade ago? The answer is yes, yes they would!

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What do you think about this news? What do you hope to see in the long-awaited TEEN TITANS season 6? Let us know in the comments below.

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