Chaos Reigns Supreme!
TEEN TITANS #12 was a fantastic read from start to finish! A tie-in to the DARK NIGHTS: METAL event, this issue has it all. With non-stop action, epic cameos, passionate storytelling, and wonderful character development throughout, this is a must read for sure!
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TEEN TITANS #12 comes out swinging in part one of the “Gotham Resistance” arc, a tie-in to the DARK NIGHTS: METAL event. Total chaos ensues, as Nightwing alerts Robin of the problems occurring in Gotham. Unlikely alliances are formed, as desperate times call for desperate measures! TEEN TITANS #12 is sure to be a win-win for Batman, DC, and comic book fans in general. With writer Benjamin Percy and artist Mirka Andolfo tasked with taking on this story, Gotham Resistance is definitely off to a great start with TEEN TITANS #12!

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TEEN TITANS #12: A Great Start to the New Arc!

Writer Benjamin Percy has been with TEEN TITANS since the start of the new series. TEEN TITANS #12 is no standard issue of TEEN TITANS. Percy is being tasked with writing a tie-in to the critically acclaimed METAL event by one of the hottest writers at DC, Scott Snyder. This is no easy task unless, of course, you’re Benjamin Percy, and he did a wonderful job with this issue. I was particularly impressed with the level of depth he added to each interaction. No matter how small of a detail, Benjamin Percy never seems to tire of adding a little something extra to his characters’ dialogues.

TEEN TITANS #12 page 2. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

Stunning Art!

Mirka Andolfo did a fantastic job not only with the vibrant and amazing looking art but also with creating a style that tells a wonderful story. In particular, I loved the way Mirka Andolfo made each character stand out based on the focus of the story at a given time. In any comic book, what makes a well-written issue a great read is the artwork supporting the writer’s intentions. Whether it was the Riddler’s attack or a scene with “the Batman Who Laughs,” everything was drawn to near perfection.

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Unexpected Alliances!

I loved the chemistry between Green Arrow, Robin, Harley Quinn, and Killer Croc. It was an unlikely alliance that turned out to be a great thing for TEEN TITANS #12. Harley Quinn and Croc were only in Gotham per the orders of Amanda Waller. This doesn’t take away from the brilliant interactions we get in TEEN TITANS #12, however. The team eventually comes together to face the Riddler. Their aim is obviously to beat the Riddler and continue on their journey to rescue Gotham from the clutches of evil. Will the team be as “unified” as the story progresses? Will the individual egos of these characters allow them all to work as a unit for long? Only time will tell. I’m definitely looking forward to getting answers to those questions over the next few issues.

TEEN TITANS #12 page 3. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

More Than Meets the Eye?

The one complaint I had was the lack of focus at times on the tension between the Green Arrow and Robin. The story makes it clear from the start that Damien’s only goal is to find his father and fight for the freedom of Gotham’s citizens. Green Arrow has a broader goal in mind: saving the whole world. It’s clear that their focuses are in different areas. Green Arrow thinks Robin doesn’t have his head on straight. Robin’s motives and attitude problems were addressed several times throughout this issue, and I believe Damien’s character flaws will be addressed more in the future. At the same time, Robin definitely acts like Green Arrow isn’t qualified to handle the present situation. It all makes for an intriguing story-line, and I’m curious to see how everyone interacts going forward.

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TEEN TITANS #12 throws a lot of crazy visuals at the reader throughout the story. We get everything from a zombified version of Batman to some twisted looking Robin-esque monsters. All of this is obviously done to get in the heads of our heroes. These creations were the brainchild of the main antagonist: “the Batman who laughs.” Despite his best efforts, however, it would seem as though Robin, the Green Arrow, and their unlikely companions may actually get the best of “the Batman who Laughs” in the end. The very last scene, however, shows Nightwing running for his life. There was something “the Batman who laughs” eluded to earlier in the issue; a challenge in place that would be even more fearsome than anything the Riddler could conjure up. Part one was definitely great. Part two is certain to be just as good, if not better.

Final Thoughts

Everything about TEEN TITANS #12 is great. This issue definitely exceeded my initial expectations. The artwork is amazing, and the subplots are captivating. TEEN TITANS #12 definitely left me with more questions than answers. This issue also left me wanting more and that’s the sign of a truly great comic. Anytime an issue leaves you wondering and wanting more, the writer and artists have done their jobs. Those thoughts and a wonderful cast of characters make TEEN TITANS #12 a must read.

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