TEEN TITANS #10 moves along as it continues the “Blood of the Manta” arc. The Titans are still at odds with Damian, and Jackson finally comes face-to-face with his father. As Black Manta’s plans unfold, a new leader begins to rise up within the Teen Titans. This issue provides the much-needed background information and character development we’ve patiently been waiting for.

WARNING: Spoilers ahead for TEEN TITANS #10!

Titans #10
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The story opens up in the middle of the fight between Black Manta and Jackson’s mom, Lucia. Jackson jumps into the fray and offers to go along with Manta in return for his mother’s safety. Lucia manages to escape and makes her way to the tower for help.

Meanwhile, at the tower, Damian is still dealing with the aftermath of his decision to fire Wally from the team. Raven soon makes an appearance to Robin and reveals that the pressure he puts on his team stems from the intense pressure he puts on himself.

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Outside, Beast Boy and Starfire continue to complain about their leader and the state of the Teen Titans. Beast Boy suggests that Starfire would make a better leader given that she is older and nicer. The two are called back to the tower and Beast Boy once again threatens to quit if things do not change.

The Titans treat Lucia’s injuries and her backstory is finally revealed to us. We also learn that Black Manta intends to use Jackson to find a black pearl of great hydrokinetic power. There’s a small squabble between Damian and Beast Boy, after which Starfire jumps in and takes charge of the team. Meanwhile, Jackson and Manta finally find the pearl, but are soon attacked by an undersea monster. The issue ends with Jackson trapped, and the pearl in Black Manta’s hand.


Teen Titans #10
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TEEN TITANS #10 gives us more character development than action but thankfully doesn’t bore us to tears. We learn about Black Manta’s plot, Lucia’s backstory, and even Damian’s hidden insecurities. Surprisingly, however, my favorite part of this issue is Black Manta. He is much more menacing and dangerous than his YOUNG JUSTICE counterpart, which adds to the excitement of the arc. Benjamin Percy does a good job adding dimension to Black Manta through his conversations with Jackson. There is a hint of a possible bond forming between the two which raises an interesting question. Will Black Manta sacrifice his new found son for power, or will he surprise us next issue?

The power struggle between Robin and Starfire in this issue is unpredictable but in a very good way. It leaves me wondering how Damian will respond to a potential new leader seeing as how he has never been good at following orders in the past.

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My main complaint about TEEN TITANS #10 is that it still keeps its other characters in the background. Since the “Lazarus Contract” arc, Raven, Beast Boy, and Starfire have felt like nothing more than supporting characters despite being the team’s most famous members. They offer little to no help in advancing the plot and are not very interesting to read. They have been mostly one dimensional and their dialogue seems to be pretty repetitive at this point.

Teen Titans #10
Image courtesy of DC Comics


The art for this issue is satisfactory at best.  Khoi Pham still struggles with some of his faces, and the action scenes were less fluid than his last issue. Starfire and Black Manta, however, look amazing in this issue, and I’m happy with their decision to make Beast Boy look more mature. The colors in this issue are decent but are definitely not up to the standard of the previous issues.

Overall, Percy is doing a good job putting this arc together and TEEN TITANS #10 definitely keeps the ball rolling. There are some bouts of clumsy dialogue and awkwardly drawn poses, but nothing that seriously drags down the issue. “Blood of the Manta” wraps up next month and hopefully it ends just as strong as it began.

TEEN TITANS #10 does a good job of keeping up the momentum from the previous issue. Black Manta, who is the villain of this arc, poses the pefect threat for this team. The art, however, is a bit of a let down but could have been worse. Some characters such as Black Manta and Damian are written well, but Raven and Beast Boy continue to be unnecessary background characters.
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