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Someday, I hope you’re lucky enough to have a run-in with Tee Franklin. Sincere and kind, Tee Franklin is a creator that will hopefully be around forever. Her stories are touching, real, and important for the social climate we live in today.

ComicsVerse had the honor of speaking with Tee Franklin about her upcoming works and what they mean to her (and us).

Tee Franklin, Horror, and Writing from the Heart

Right before New York Comic Con, Tee dropped a new series from Image Comics, JOOK JOINT. The series is visually stunning (thanks to Alitha Martinez) yet simultaneously horrifying. Since this is the series that followed BINGO LOVE, Tee tells us a bit about what it’s like to switch mindsets, from romance to horror, so quickly. She notes that JOOK JOINT was her way of proving she isn’t just a one trick pony and won’t be cornered into one genre.

We learn about some of the research that goes into a comic. Depicting Afro-Caribbean religions, JOOK JOINT is a story that has some fact but is a fair amount of fiction. Tee explains the balancing act of showing a real religion in a fictional world without being offensive. But JOOK JOINT is so much more than this.

Tee tells us some of the things she wants readers to get from this story. Primarily, that if you’re in an abusive relationship, it isn’t your fault. This is a sentiment that needs reiterated and shouted over and over. It’s something that we at ComicsVerse are so happy to have solidified in the comic book world. Repeat after me: It’s not your fault.

Tee Franklin is one of the best creators out there. She writes from the heart and isn’t afraid of being vulnerable in front of her audience. Creators like her are sure to stand the tests of time.

Be sure to keep your eyes open for the next issue of JOOK JOINT, releasing tomorrow, November 14th. Also, Tee Franklin has BINGO LOVE: JACKPOT EDITION, which is sure to give you a real win!

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