TALES OF SUSPENSE #101 by Matthew Rosenberg, Travel Foreman, Rachelle Rosenberg, Clayton Cowles, and Andrea Sorrentino
The writing is insightful enough to help us learn about the characters. The art is diverse in appearance and entertaining. TALES OF SUSPENSE #101 is definitely worth reading.
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Is Black Widow really dead? TALES OF SUSPENSE #100 made the series seem as if it would be a focused look at Black Widow and her death or how she escaped it. In TALES OF SUSPENSE #101, written by Matthew Rosenberg with art by Travel Foreman and Rachelle Rosenberg, the search continues. While Hawkeye looks for Black Widow, Bucky Barnes attempts to find the identity of the person taking out Hydra agents. Instead of getting the goal-oriented look at Black Widow and her supposed death, we get a much better look into the Winter Soldier and Hawkeye.

Point of View

The previous issue of TALES OF SUSPENSE presented Hawkeye as the narrator. We saw everything through his hopeful eyes, looking for signs of Black Widow being alive everywhere. In this issue, however, the point of view switches so that we have Bucky Barnes as our narrator. This writing by Rosenberg gives the reader insight into the mind of the Winter Soldier. We learn how he thinks, what he thinks about, and how he views the situation.

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The narration Bucky Barnes provides comes in short, terse bursts. This reflects his own personality, stoic and strictly to the point, but we also see his thoughts wander just the slightest bit. The narration is still very quick and to the point, but the point Bucky is making isn’t necessarily what’s going on in that moment of the comic. For example, he ponders Hawkeye’s resolve that Natasha is alive while he and Hawkeye should be watching for trouble during their time to regroup.

TALES OF SUSPENSE #101 even goes to show that the Winter Soldier has a sense of humor in him! Several times he makes small remarks to himself that would be counted as jokes. These “jokes” are mostly about Hawkeye. For example, Hawkeye makes a joke about spy rendezvouses and their level of amusement. The Winter Soldier shuts him down immediately, while the narration tells us that he actually agrees.

Image Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

The Banter

Throughout TALES OF SUSPENSE #101 we see a lot of interaction between Hawkeye and the Winter Soldier. This interaction is far more casual than the serious tones of the previous issue. We see the humans underneath the superhero exterior. We even get to see a pattern of interaction that resembles the back and forth of a younger sibling to the older one.

The People v. Bucky Barnes

Clint Barton will make a joke, Bucky Barnes will return with a deadpan remark that is nowhere near a joke. This resembles a relationship of an older sibling fed up with the annoying younger one. Even Bucky’s inner dialogue shows a growing fondness for Clint. The dialogue between the two is setting up for a potential closeness of the two characters. All of this despite their many differences and the fact that they both dated Natasha Romanoff.

Hawkeye’s Silly Faces

This issue’s art, by Travel Forman, displays a diversity in illustrative ability. We see the defined jaws of the heroes, the details in their gear, and the danger and importance of the daring escapes. This last one we see through moments such as the bright colors, presented by the colorist Rachelle Rosenberg, forcing their way into the reader’s line of sight during the explosion. Among these artistic feats, we also see Hawkeye making silly faces.

Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

Several times throughout the comic, Hawkeye’s expression changes to something far from simply happy, angry, or stoic. He becomes comically pensive and even ridiculously saddened at the taste of his food. Foreman depicts comically deep frowns that drag down the skin on the face to seem like the frown is a part of the jawline. For me, these funny facial expressions are one of the many things that make this issue worth reading.

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Final Thoughts on TALES OF SUSPENSE #101

This issue gave readers a better understanding of the two main characters. We learned a lot about the Winter Soldier and the relationship between him and Hawkeye. The banter between the superheroes and Hawkeye’s amusing expressions make TALES OF SUSPENSE #101 rather lighthearted despite the serious subject. This works though, as it gives us a foundation for what the relationship of the two will be as the story continues.

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