Beware: spoilers abound for TALES OF SUSPENSE #100!

TALES OF SUSPENSE #100 is an entertaining, visually appealing issue that details the adventures of an undercover Clint Barton, also known as Hawkeye. The title of TALES OF SUSPENSE returns after transitioning into CAPTAIN AMERICA in 1968. The Marvel Comics series initially began as collective works of science fiction. These issues ultimately left their mark on comic book history as they exhibited the talents of notable comic book writers and artists. Now, a new era for this memorable series begins.

So, how did the return of such an iconic title fare in 2017? Find out below!

tales of suspense #100
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The Hunt for an Old Friend

TALES OF SUSPENSE #100 begins with Clint Barton operating undercover at a funeral, an interesting event to be undercover at. However, someone has been killing off former HYDRA allies, and Clint has a theory as to who is responsible. So, he attends the funeral in an attempt to confirm who put the man in the coffin. Unfortunately, Clint is not very good at keeping a cover. Things escalate quickly, and the funeral home ends up burning to the ground after a scuffle between Clint and some HYDRA agents.

Despite this unexpected fiery end to his mission, Clint manages to obtain information about the nation of Chernaya. As the issue segues into the continuation of Clint’s journey, he reflects on Captain America’s betrayal and Cap’s part in the murder of Black Widow.

Interestingly, Clint doesn’t believe Natasha Romanoff is dead. In fact, he believes she is the assassin.

The Truth in Chernaya

Clint travels to Chernaya to search for his long lost friend and former lover. During his time there, he runs into Bucky Barnes (The Winter Soldier), also a former lover of Natasha. The two realize they are embarking on very similar missions that revolve around the murders of former HYDRA affiliates. However, unlike Clint, Barnes does not believe Natasha is alive. Despite these differences, the conclusion of the issue seems to bring the two’s perceptions together as they discover the calling card of the Black Widow right before the building they are in explodes.

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To say the least, TALES OF SUSPENSE #100 is a great issue. The first person narration by Clint Barton is full of humor and intrigue. Additionally, the ambiguous nature of Clint’s adventure will grip readers throughout the issue. Writer Matthew Rosenberg certainly exemplifies his proficiency in breathing new life into a series long past. With this, the cliffhanger ending will leave readers anticipating what’s next on Hawkeye’s journey to find his old friend.

tales of suspense #100
Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

The Many Hues of TALES OF SUSPENSE #100

The imagery of this issue is one of the work’s highlights. The subtle purple hues are a great touch on Rachelle Rosenberg’s part. Additionally, the shift in tone she implements upon Bucky Barnes’ arrival is a great parallel to the narrative. Sure, the issue begins in a lighter air as humor proves to be more dominant and Rosenberg’s color palette exhibits lighter tones. However, as the issue progresses and the mystery of Black Widow continues to unfold, TALES OF SUSPENSE #100 enters a darker territory.

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As mentioned, these darker tones are most notable upon the introduction of Bucky Barnes, letting the readers know that the story is about to get deadly. With this, Travel Foreman’s illustrations are fantastic. He maintains detail in each and every panel, particularly in the characters’ facial expressions. I particularly enjoy his depiction of Bucky, specifically Bucky’s eyes, as they exhibit conflict and uncertainty regarding the state of Natasha Romanoff.

What Lies Beyond

There is no doubt that TALES OF SUSPENSE #100 is worth checking out. It appears to be the beginning of a worthy revival to an iconic series that will hopefully develop other exciting new tales through varying perspectives.

Matthew Rosenberg presents a unique take on Hawkeye as we immerse ourselves in his personal mission. To accompany this, Rachelle Rosenberg and Travel Foreman showcase some gorgeous artwork that elevates this issue.

Now, the mystery has deepened. Who is the assassin targeting former HYDRA agents? Is Black Widow alive? Are Hawkeye and the Winter Soldier alive? If so, will they be able to work together, especially when you consider their personal affiliations with Natasha?

Unfortunately, we have to wait until January 31, 2018, to gain the answers we now seek.

Tales of Suspense #100 by Matt Rosenberg, Travel Foreman, & Rachelle Rosenberg
TALES OF SUSPENSE #100 is an exceedingly satisfying issue that presents new mysteries and exciting alliances.
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