The Black Female Persona: A Backdrop Crafted by European Ideology

As comic book characters continue to diversify, the persona of Black female characters has yet to reach equal variety. Black Women in comics continue to acquire repetitive attributes such as adamancy, dignity, and aggression that have developed into stereotyped personas. This ideological backdrop is one heavily influenced by early European exploration.

ComicsVerse DC Comics JUSTICE LEAGUE Essential Reading List

JUSTICE LEAGUE Essential Reading

The Justice League, DC Comics’ most well-known team, have had some great stories since their inception in 1960. In this ComicsVerse essential reading, we list the must-read Justice League books for beginners and seasoned readers.

Gamer Girl and Vixen Interview at ComicsVerse
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GAMER GIRL AND VIXEN Interview: The Process and the Future

The creators behind GAMER GIRL AND VIXEN and I got a chance to sit down and talk about what inspired this comic, as well as how their team came to be. We discuss a variety of topics ranging from how GAMER GIRL AND VIXEN came about, and what they think of how their comic presents diversity.