Batman and Robin

In Defense of Sidekicks: The Power of Mentorship

Sidekicks are so much more than a youthful foil to their heroes. They also represent how important mentorship can be to a young person.


TEEN TITANS #11 Review: Family Feud

Benjamin Percy concludes a strong arc with TEEN TITANS #11. This arc has done a great job developing Jackson Hyde as an important member of the Teen Titans. As a consequence, this issue doesn’t focus enough on some of the other Titans like Starfire, Raven, or Beast Boy. Nonetheless, the strong writing, art, and character development in this issue make it worth your time.


DETECTIVE COMICS #962 Review: Secrets of the God Machine!

DETECTIVE COMICS #962 is just the conclusive chapter that James Tynion IV’s “Intelligence” arc needed. It boasts a strong story held up by powerful themes and mysteries. Tynion works beautifully alongside incredible artists Alvaro Martinez and Raul Fernandez to create a fantastic issue about the struggles of Batman and friends.


DETECTIVE COMICS #960 Review: Deus Ex Machina

James Tynion IV writes DETECTIVE COMICS #960, a continuation of the “Intelligence” arc. While the art by Raul Fernandez and Alvaro Martinez is a major highlight of this issue, the story has no flow between two diverging plotlines. The result is one interesting story with Batman and Zatanna alongside an undeveloped storyline with the mysterious Order of St. Dumas.

Detective Comics #947

DETECTIVE COMICS #947 Review: The Bat, The Team, and The Victims

James Tynion IV masterfully probes Batman’s methodology, not through his personal psychology, but through the effects of his mission on both his allies and adversaries. The result is a simultaneous condemnation and celebration of Batman’s role in the world, told from an excitingly fresh perspective.

Flash and Batman

Batman & Flash: Two Halves of a Whole

In the DC Universe, there exist two families that share a deep and meaningful bond.  The first is a family of detectives, people draped in loss and shadows that use their skills to fight crime and corruption in the city of Gotham.  The other is a family of people gifted by a great extra-dimensional energy source with abilities such as …