REDNECK #1 Review: Sympathy For The Devil

REDNECK is the story of The Bowmans, a Sulfur Springs family living on the edges of town, quietly minding their local barbecue joint. Their vampirism is something of a family secret. The family has survived on the blood of the cattle they use for their barbecues, with some members enjoying a paint-thinner cow blood cocktail on occasion. REDNECK #1 marks the beginning and the end of their life of solitude, for the worse.


GOD COUNTRY #1 Review: Eye of the Storm

GOD COUNTRY #1 gives us a story about a family in Texas who encounter a dangerous storm that carries a dangerous, demonic threat. What they don’t know is the secret behind the ailing grandfather and what may change their futures forever. Donny Cates and Geoff Shaw develop a narrative of epic and godly proportions in this new Image title.