The Value of Maturity in Children’s Cartoons

Many cartoon shows for kids manage to tread the line between staying child-friendly and becoming more adult through incorporating more mature themes. Making the shows a little darker makes them enjoyable for all ages, giving adults more light-hearted fun, and giving children an introduction to more adult concepts.

Superboy (Connor Kent), Zatanna, Kid Flash (Wally West), Rocket (Raquel Ervin), Robin (Dick Grayson), Miss Martian (Megan Morse), Artemis (Artemis Crock), Aqualad (Kaldur'ahm) - Young Justice

5 Reasons You Should Watch YOUNG JUSTICE (on Netflix)

YOUNG JUSTICE was a series that added a palpable sense of danger to the DC universe and was canceled long before its time. We make a case for why everyone (and not just those familiar with the comics) should check out the show.

Saving Human Lives Only? Vegetarian Superheroes and Animal Rights

For almost 80 years, since the publication of ACTION COMICS #1 and the birth of the superhero genre, an idea has been put forward using the medium of comic books: it’s the idea of selflessly saving human lives with whatever abilities we have, extraordinary or ordinary. But is this an idea that works exclusively for members of our species? In other words, if we take a look at the altruistic superheroes from sequential art that many of us admire, what are their beliefs when it comes to helping animals? How does the medium deal with the idea of vegetarianism? What do vegetarian superheroes believe about our non-human friends?

Get Ready for ROBIN WAR! – All You Need to Know about Tim Drake!

This week, DC Comics is launching a multi-part crossover known as ROBIN WAR, an event that will bring all Robins from past and present together in the pages of GRAYSON, WE ARE ROBIN, ROBIN: SON OF BATMAN, and DETECTIVE COMICS! This is the first time readers will be seeing a major DC event focusing solely on the Robins since the …