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SUICIDE SQUAD #1 Review: Harley Tries to Catch a Pokemon

SUICIDE SQUAD #1 offers very little in terms of a story. Rob Williams re-establishes the premise of the team and shows us the same roster of characters presented in the movie. Only thirteen pages are dedicated to the plot, but there is a seven-page backstory for Deadshot at the end of the issue.

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Five Reasons to Be Excited for the SUICIDE SQUAD Movie!

The SUICIDE SQUAD movie is now out. If you haven’t seen it or want to see it again, here are five reasons to be excited about it! ComicsVerse’s AJ Falco is a big fan of the SUICIDE SQUAD comic book series and he’s here to share his thoughts on the film.

Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad: Essential List

SUICIDE SQUAD has been something of a cult favorite since its inception. The original writers, John Ostrander and Kim Yale, took disposable villains (like Captain Boomerang and Deadshot) and made them into compelling characters. They also created characters like Amanda Waller and Oracle who would go on to have healthy creative existences for decades to come in the DC Universe. The Squad has gained a ton of prominence in the last few years, with television appearances in shows like JUSTICE LEAGUE UNLIMITED and ARROW. Lucky for us, the ragtag Suicide Squad will be unleashed on the world in this summer’s new film in the DCEU franchise. So here’s your mission: track down these essential SUICIDE SQUAD reads brought to you by Brian Long and myself. Load your weapons, strap on your boomerangs and mallets, and be careful with that explosive collar you’ve got strapped on. With these crooks, you’re either in or you’re out.

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NEW SUICIDE SQUAD #21 Review: Sacrifices Must Be Made

NEW SUICIDE SQUAD #21 ends an incredible story arc for the Amanda Waller’s vicious group. The issue has strong storytelling that involves every single character on the Suicide Squad and includes several surprises. The art also impresses with the detail given to each characters.