DCEU’s SHAZAM: What We Know So Far – Updated

Here is everything that we know so far about the upcoming DC Extended Universe film SHAZAM!

How R-Rated Movies Can Keep The Superhero Genre Fresh

Superhero movies are a fun time at the movies, most films are for everyone, but they’ve become a bit stale. That’s where r-rated superhero films come in. R-rated films keep the genre fresh.


NIGHTWING #29 Review: Winter is Here

NIGHTWING #29 is the latest installment in Scott Snyder’s METAL event. Tim Seeley tells an adventurous, engrossing tale starring some of DC’s greatest characters. Meanwhile, Paul Pelletier and his team do a terrific job conveying the frozen world of Mister Freeze as the main artists in this issue.

Joker origins movie

How to Make A Good Joker Origin Movie

Todd Phillips has announced that he is working on a Joker origin film with Martin Scorsese producing. While it is confusing why DC would greenlight a film starring their most ruthless villain, Joker’s complexity as a character makes him perfect for his own movie. Here is how Todd Phillips could successfully make a Joker origin film.

GREEN LANTERN: How Not To Start A Cinematic Universe

2011’s GREEN LANTERN is an embarrassingly bad film by Warner Bros. and DC. The studio hoped to start a new cinematic universe starting with GREEN LANTERN but the poor critical reception and box office receipts halted all of these plans. The amazing thing is that GREEN LANTERN had a lot of talent and money involved with it. What went wrong and destroyed this cinematic universe before it even got started?

Doctor Doom Movie

SDCC: Why A DOCTOR DOOM Movie Is A Great Idea

Doctor Doom is one the Marvel Universe greatest villains. That is why Fox has wisely green-lit a film starring the mask menace of Latveria. Better yet they assigned considerable talent to the film in the form of Noah Hawley, creator of LEGION and FARGO. Here are reasons you should be excited for this film.

superhero fatigue

A Studio’s Guide To Fighting Superhero Fatigue

Due to the popularity of superhero films at this current age, they are at risk of suffering from superhero fatigue. At least, they are at risk if movie studios make superhero films in the same mold as earlier films. Studios should make innovative, new superhero movies to combat superhero fatigue.