CHAMPIONS #11 Review: Rescue Efforts

CHAMPIONS #11 merges veteran members of the team with newcomer heroes as they search the ruins of Las Vegas for survivors. Not only do these heroes learn to work alongside one another, but they must also confront how SECRET EMPIRE interferes with the team’s overarching mission. In order for the Champions’ message to be heard, Hydra must be defeated.

X-Men Gold #8

X-MEN GOLD #8 Review: Trials of the X-Cutioner

SECRET EMPIRE TIE-IN! Kitty Pryde leads the Gold team into battle with the mysterious X-Cutioner. With a high-intensity ninja battle taking this issue’s focus, everyone’s favorite mutants are facing life-or-death stakes yet again as they try to protect their young wards.

SECRET EMPIRE #6 Review: The Return of Hope

Even though the “pull yourself back up when hope seems lost” trope can feel cliched, I think this issue does it well. In SECRET EMPIRE #6, the remaining Avengers must deal with internal and external conflicts alike as Hydra Captain America launches an attack on them. Now the team must remember who they were and what they used to stand for in order to be seen as heroes once again.


The Political Implications of Captain America as an Agent of Hydra: A Roundtable Discussion (Part Two)

In this second part of our roundtable discussion, we delve into the political implications of Captain America on the side of Hydra. What is Hydra’s significance? What does it mean politically, in our world as well as in Captain America’s? We conclude our discussion by addressing these questions.

THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #30 Review: Superior Empire

After suffering defeat at the hands of the now-revealed Hydra Captain America, Spider-Man now finds himself the victim of a much more personal attack. With Otto Octavius, now the Superior Octopus, attempting to take back Parker Industries, Peter must defend his (or rather, their) company from more harm. Only this time, instead of superpowered allies, Peter has his employees to rely on instead.