Batman and Robin

In Defense of Sidekicks: The Power of Mentorship

Sidekicks are so much more than a youthful foil to their heroes. They also represent how important mentorship can be to a young person.


TITANS #13 Review: Who Needs The Justice League?

TITANS #13 is a masterful issue, perfectly capturing the relationships and battles of one of DC’s greatest teams. Dan Abnett and V. Ken Marion stun readers with a combination of fast-paced action sequences alongside fantastic character moments. TITANS #13 left me excited for whatever Abnett and Marion have planned next.

brave bow

Brave Bow: Roy Harper’s Forgotten Native Mentor

Brave Bow is a Sioux chief and acted a mentor figure to Green Arrow’s ward, Roy Harper. Originally created in 1959, Brave Bow’s depiction as shamanistic and uncivilized leans into stereotypes of native people. This article discusses both the history of Brave Bow and what DC could have done to remedy this character’s representation.