2017’s 5 Most Anticipated Features in Superhero Film and Television

2017 promises to be a year filled with exciting prospects in comic book film and television. What are some of the features we are looking forward to?

all-new wolverine #5 cover marvel comics

ALL-NEW WOLVERINE #5 Review: Honey, I Shrunk the Wolverine!

Tom Taylor’s first story arc about the All-New Wolverine draws to a close as Laura Kinney has to steal an Ant-Man suit in order to fight for her clones/friend’s life—inside of her body! Obviously, the current owner of Pym Enterprises—Janet van Dyne, a.k.a. The Wasp—is not too happy about that. Meanwhile, Alchemaxx Industries has found the traces the three sisters have left behind, and they plan on solving this problem once and for all.

ALL-NEW WOLVERINE #3 Review: The Wolverine Doesn’t Kill Anymore

It’s issue three of Tom Taylors action-packed solo title about the All-New Wolverine, Laura Kinney, and it kicks off with a fight against Taskmaster – a villain extremely dangerous because he’s able to adapt to any given fighting technique, which is why he can only be defeated by a Laura out of control with fury. After a quick fight, it turns out that the three clones Wolverine thought dead are still very much alive and well – at least for now…

ALL-NEW WOLVERINE #1: Laura takes over!

X-23 has taken over the mantle from her former mentor Logan, and in this first issue, she dives directly into the action! ALL-NEW WOLVERINE #1 by Tom Taylor, David Lopez and David Navarrot Laura Kinney is, in a way, one of Marvel’s most interesting characters. Being a female clone of James “Logan” Howlett, designed to kill and dehumanized, turned into …