X-MEN RED #2 Introduces New Character Trinary Amid Classic X-Men Themes

Anyone who thinks the X-Men’s best issues are in the past needs a subscription to X-MEN RED because this series is already destroying all expectations. X-MEN RED #2 brings back classic X-Men themes while still incorporating fresh faces and a modern setting. For X-Men fans, X-MEN RED is the future!

Cover of X-Men Red #1 from Marvel written by Tom Taylor with Art by Mahmud Asrar.

Jean Grey Hatches a Plan in X-MEN RED #1

X-MEN RED #1 marks the return of Jean Grey to the new world of the X-Men! After being gone for so long, Jean is more determined than ever to save mutant kind from violent discrimination. But, can her brilliant plan succeed with one of the X-Men’s most infamous villains lurking in the shadows? Writer Tom Taylor delivers a pinnacle first issue to the awaited series that promises a fresh, new start for the X-Men!