extraordinary x-men #6 cover

EXTRAORDINARY X-MEN #6 Review: Weirdworld!

There’s a certain silence before the storm during issue six of Jeff Lemire’s mutant flagship title EXTRAORDINARY X-MEN. The fight against Sinister has been won, and the X-Men lick their wounds at X-Haven. While Piotr is trying to deal with the fact that he can’t help one of his best friends and his sister no longer needs protecting, Illyana and Sapna discover anomalies in Limbo, and Iceman and Anole have a heartfelt conversation about being both gay and a mutant. And after all that, one half of the team goes onto a search and rescue mission that takes them straight to the weirdest place in the Marvel Universe…

extraordinary x-men #5 cover

EXTRAORDINARY X-MEN #5 Review: The Return of Cyclops…? Or…?

It’s still rough times for the X-Men. And after defeating Sinister and his Marauders, Storm and her team find themselves facing a part-Inhuman version of Scott Summers – an experiment gone wrong or one of their oldest friends? Will the mutants manage to rescue their friends Illyana and Kurt, and what does the future of mutantkind look like after this book’s first story arc concludes?

EXTRAORDINARY X-MEN #4 Review: A Shocking Revelation!

EXTRAORDINARY X-MEN has, thus far, been a book that many people criticized for having a weirdly slow pace and taking too much time to “bring the band together”. In this issue though, after Colossus realizes what horrible plan Sinister has for him and his sister and Jean, Logan and the other X-Men manage to defeat demons of Limbo and secure X-Haven once again, the team unites in a battle against the Marauders – only to find out about the entirety of what – or whom – Essex has been experimenting on…

X-Men Comics: No Longer Addressing Real-Life Social Issues?

The mutant race is close to total extinction. Once again. No new mutants are being born again. Once again. And a powerful leader will have to unite all of them to get them to a safe haven. Once again. And with yet another annihilation plot being established in Jeff Lemire’s EXTRAORDINARY X-MEN #1, fans of the franchise start feeling like Marvel’s weird focus on almost letting mutantkind go extinct is preventing the X-Men comics from being able to address recent social issues – something the franchise has always done, and something the franchise is perfectly suited for. But have the comic books about the misfits of the Marvel Universe really stopped thematizing these topics?

Top 5 Comic Families for the Holidays

It’s that time of year again, ladies and gentlemen- the holiday season! That usually means two things at my house: food and family. As a comic book fan, I could choose to write up about the best comic about food, Chew, but I chose to write about family because, for me, there is nothing better than sitting down with my family and …

WRATH OF THE ETERNAL WARRIOR Finally Arrives, This Week in Valiant Comics!

Welcome! It’s a big week for Valiant, as their headlining title WRATH OF THE ETERNAL WARRIOR finally arrives after weeks of promotion and preparation. BLOODSHOT REBORN continues its latest arc as well, with an interesting climax before next month’s conclusion and January’s “The Analog Man” storyline. These comics couldn’t be more different but as always Valiant delivers on both fronts. …