DEATH OF X #4 REVIEW: Rest in Peace

Writers Jeff Lemire and Charles Soule provide readers with an excellent end to a mini-series that will prove extremely important to the direction that the Marvel Universe will take in coming months. While DEATH OF X is a mini-series marked by its commitment to characterization, in DEATH OF X #4, the writers kick it up a notch. Complete with solid art and vivid, eye-catching colors, DEATH OF X #4 does the rest of the series justice.

extraordinary x-men #6 cover

EXTRAORDINARY X-MEN #6 Review: Weirdworld!

There’s a certain silence before the storm during issue six of Jeff Lemire’s mutant flagship title EXTRAORDINARY X-MEN. The fight against Sinister has been won, and the X-Men lick their wounds at X-Haven. While Piotr is trying to deal with the fact that he can’t help one of his best friends and his sister no longer needs protecting, Illyana and Sapna discover anomalies in Limbo, and Iceman and Anole have a heartfelt conversation about being both gay and a mutant. And after all that, one half of the team goes onto a search and rescue mission that takes them straight to the weirdest place in the Marvel Universe…