NIGHTWING #27 Preview: Spyral’s Revenge

The NIGHTWING #27 preview shows that the titular vigilante will go through a lot in his next issue. This installment looks to be an absolutely thrilling new story in the life of Dick Grayson. He’s about to fight, alongside his ally Huntress, the international spy organization known as Spyral. Tim Seeley shows fantastic writing in this preview, and artist Javier Fernandez depicts fast-paced, action packed art!


NIGHTWING #26: Huntress Returns!

NIGHTWING #26 is a darker direction for Tim Seeley’s NIGHTWING run. It shows Dick Grayson A.K.A Nightwing struggle with his desire for vengeance. It also shows Helena Bertinelli reunite with Dick and form a team to fight Italian gangsters. Huntress’s return signals a new direction for this NIGHTWING arc, one which I am excited to see.