cover of NAILBITER from Image Comics
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Episode 62: NAILBITER from Image Comics

NAILBITER is the first comic I have ever read or considered reading. Admittedly, I was skeptical of what I could possibly gain from reading comics as I had snobbishly resided in graphic novels, and refused to step into the world of comics.NAILBITER exceeded my expectations of craft, skill and storytelling. I came to appreciate the characters and commend Joshua Williamson for the agency he gives his characters to tell the story, rather than committing to an overcompensating plot that drags them along. The comic invites us and our preconceived notions of the “murderer,” into a world of serial killers. Slowly the text unravels these false narratives that enable the simplification of identity to one defining aspect. As such, it is with intent and great skill that Williamson sets us up with Finch, an army interrogator, to discover the truth about Buckaroo.

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Valentine De Landro Interview at New York Comic Con 2015

When I first looked at the list of people that were going to be present this year at New York Comic-Con, I immediately found someone that I had to speak to Valentine De Landro, artist of the upcoming Image series BITCH PLANET written by Kelly Sue DeConnick.

Even though I had very recently spoken to him at Special Edition: NYCC, I had to ask him about the fact that a month or so ago the first arc of BITCH PLANET finally ended and ripped out my, and many other fans, hearts with a powerful loss. De Landro, who gave me a figurative shoulder to cry on in the moments right before the camera started recording, told us all about the reasoning behind this decision as well as gave us a lot of awesome and exclusive information about the upcoming arc of BITCH PLANET, which focuses on a mysterious new group and takes us to a new cell block.