10 Ways FALLOUT 4 Will Make You Question Your Existence

FALLOUT 4 is an extremely deep game with plenty to offer. It’s probably the most life changing game you’ll play. This is why I’ve written 10 ways as to why this game has changed my existence forever.

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Intellectual Property with Andrew Rivera Episode 3: Riverdale and Abortion

Welcome to episode three of Intellectual Property with Andrew Rivera where we will discuss Riverdale and abortion. The Archie based television show provides a dark spin to the famed comic but falls short in the sense of sexual education. The writing of this show refused to use the word abortion, leading to a lack of awareness for viewers.

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THE COMIC BOOK HISTORY OF COMICS #1 Review: Near Perfection is Hard to Improve

Although the updated version doesn’t add much in terms of real content to the original series, THE COMIC BOOK HISTORY OF COMICS still holds up. Van Lente’s historical account of a much loved medium is well-researched and approachable, with a healthy dose of humor. The re-released version is worth picking up, for both those who have and have not read the original version.