Superboy (Connor Kent), Zatanna, Kid Flash (Wally West), Rocket (Raquel Ervin), Robin (Dick Grayson), Miss Martian (Megan Morse), Artemis (Artemis Crock), Aqualad (Kaldur'ahm) - Young Justice

5 Reasons You Should Watch YOUNG JUSTICE (on Netflix)

YOUNG JUSTICE was a series that added a palpable sense of danger to the DC universe and was canceled long before its time. We make a case for why everyone (and not just those familiar with the comics) should check out the show.

KANAN: THE LAST PADAWAN #7: The Best Issue Yet!

KANAN: THE LAST PADAWAN goes back in time once again, this time to Kanan’s days at the Jedi Temple, and it makes for the series’ best issue yet. KANAN: THE LAST PADAWAN #7 by Greg Weisman, Pepe Larraz, David Curiel, VC’s Joe Caramagna We begin where we left off last issue, with Kanan. His injury last issue earns him some …