The Clans Of BLOODLINES 2 Explained

Everything you need to know about the various factions in VAMPIRE: THE MASQUERADE – BLOODLINES. Which ones will appear in the sequel? What sets them apart? Let’s take a look!

Let’s Fix FALLOUT 4: The Institute

FALLOUT 4’s issues have been discussed at length. So, rather than continue to bash the game for its problems, why not learn from it instead? How can we improve upon FALLOUT 4? Out of all of Fallout 4’s factions, people make fun of The Institute the most. Let’s fix it!

FALLOUT 4 The Railroad

Let’s Fix FALLOUT 4: The Railroad

Everyone complains about FALLOUT 4’s problems, but how could we improve it? Let’s start with The Railroad. Can we turn these cliched rebels into three-dimensional characters? Well, let’s take a look!