GREEN LANTERNS #21 Preview: A Last Resort

GREEN LANTERNS #21 hits stores April 19th. This is the conclusion of the “Polaris” arc, and the lives of Simon or Jessica will never be the same again! The artwork by Robson Rocha seems absolutely brilliant, while the dialogue by Sam Humphries continues to be emotionally impactful. Definitely check this issue out next week!

SUPERGIRL REBIRTH #1 Review: Taking Notes from the TV Show

SUPERGIRL REBIRTH #1 ties together some of the loose ends from the New-52 while incorporating elements from the hit CW show. Keeping in line with the theme of rebirth, this issue centers around the rebirth of Supergirl’s powers. In a last ditch effort to restore Kara’s powers, Cameron Chase launches Kara into the sun’s core in a ship equipped with a Phantom Drive. This plan restores Kara’s powers while also releasing Lar-on, a Kryptonian with the Red Kryptonite sickness.