Hunger Games Five for the Fandom

5 for the Fandom: Comics for THE HUNGER GAMES Fans

Welcome back to our weekly “5 for the Fandom” article! This week, we explore aspects of THE HUNGER GAMES. Through dystopian worlds, female leads, and a mess of violence, these five comics will spark the interest of any person in THE HUNGER GAMES fandom.

The Few #6

THE FEW TPB Advanced Review: Viva la Revolución!

THE FEW is a sci-fi adventure that touches closer to home than expected. It’ll tug at your heartstrings and make you take a closer look at the world. Combining biblical elements, perfect panel set-up, and an amazing story, Sean Lewis and Hayden Sherman create a comic that will resonate with readers for a long time.

CRYPTOCRACY #5 Review: The New Boss

CRYPTOCRACY #5 from Van Jensen and Pete Woods is a work of art. The writing is impeccable, and the art interweaves beautifully with the words on the page to create a fully immersive experience. In this issue, the plot to overthrow the families progresses. Several character allegiances change, and assassinations are attempted. The Mars’ family loses its elder and Grahame challenges Temple’s rise to power.