Forgotten Apes

ComicsVerse Goes Ape: 8 Forgotten Apes in Comics

In honor of WAR FOR THE PLANET OF THE APES, ComicsVerse is going Ape! So we’re bringing you 8 forgotten apes in comics! Crossing all universes, we went deep in the jungles to give you the overlooked and forgotten.

ComicsVerse Goes Ape: Transit To Skull Island: KING KONG Through The Years

KING KONG is one of the most recognizable monster icons in American cinematic mythology. His fame has warranted several remakes over the years, but with different creators come different foci. Come on a journey into Skull Island to learn about how three of his most popular directors approached the giant monster ape.

Monkees circa 1970

ComicsVerse Goes Ape: History of The Monkees

This month brings the conclusion of the PLANET OF THE APES trilogy, and to commemorate, ComicsVerse is going Ape! We’ll be focusing on all things simian by looking at some of our favorite pop culture primates. For more articles in this series, click here! First up, Aaron Young prompts a discussion about a different kind of primate — the surprisingly …