CHAMPIONS #8 Review: A Team Far From Disassembled

CHAMPIONS #8 arrives this week with an issue that serves as an emotional breather following last issue’s troubling conclusion. The latest installment finds our heroes battling not villains, but emotion and angst, leading to some needed character development. CHAMPIONS #8 is an excellent issue that shows off the strengths of the book, proving that action isn’t all there is to …

CHAMPIONS #7 Review: Defending Thy Name

While CHAMPIONS #7 presents itself as a fight between unambiguous sides of good versus evil, it also manages to examine the CHAMPIONS’ current story themes of self-identity within a name/brand. Since their creation, the Champions have allowed their insignia to be used as a symbol of hope for those who wish to make a positive difference. Now, they must fight against those who wish to tarnish that symbol not only in this issue, but in the stories yet to come as well.

Young Justice

4 Reasons Marvel Should Produce an Animated Series like YOUNG JUSTICE

By using the animated medium to produce a show like YOUNG JUSTICE, Marvel can not only greatly expand its own fictional universe, but showcase bright new heroes in a unlimited setting that could reach a fully extended audience.

Youth and Comics Part One: The Appeal of Young Heroes

Comics today are made to appeal to a wide audience. However, as they’ve grown more popular in modern media, many have become too complex to attract the most important audience- the youth of the world. While both Marvel and DC have created iconic youthful heroes, they must continue to do so, and create the next generation of kids buying comics. That means more having realistic young heroes to carry on the mantle.

CHAMPIONS #2 Review: Team Building Fun

After forming to set an example in the last issue, CHAMPIONS returns with its heroes on a camping trip, trying to bond. The issue has a well-written story by Mark Waid that shows the group dynamics and forces them to deal with their ideals with the young Cyclops tries to join. The art of Humberto Ramos adds a fresh pop as well, allowing the issue to look as fun as its story often is. There’s not a lot of definition for the Champions, but the issue feels like a natural progression for the team at this stage in the game. Well worth picking up.