10 Ways FALLOUT 4 Will Make You Question Your Existence

FALLOUT 4 is an extremely deep game with plenty to offer. It’s probably the most life changing game you’ll play. This is why I’ve written 10 ways as to why this game has changed my existence forever.


I haven’t seen this much talking in an AVENGERS title since Bendis left the book. That’s not to say it’s a negative thing, communication between characters is key and this issue does great work of getting into the mindset of each character. Well, not Doctor Voodoo but he does save Quicksilver, “actions are louder than words” as some say. Duggan and Stegman are both exceptional as creators and their talent is highlighted in the dialogue and pencils of this issue. The major problem with this issue is that despite the introduction of 90s powerhouse, Cable, and the villain’s reveal is that the read felt like an uneventful, fill-in issue.