YOUNG JUSTICE: Why I Won’t Watch

YOUNG JUSTICE is beloved by many fans who helped bring it back for a third season. I’m not one of them, and here are my reasons why. From a condescending Justice League to ignoring the source material, we look at several problems with this cult classic.


TEEN TITANS #11 Review: Family Feud

Benjamin Percy concludes a strong arc with TEEN TITANS #11. This arc has done a great job developing Jackson Hyde as an important member of the Teen Titans. As a consequence, this issue doesn’t focus enough on some of the other Titans like Starfire, Raven, or Beast Boy. Nonetheless, the strong writing, art, and character development in this issue make it worth your time.

Saving Human Lives Only? Vegetarian Superheroes and Animal Rights

For almost 80 years, since the publication of ACTION COMICS #1 and the birth of the superhero genre, an idea has been put forward using the medium of comic books: it’s the idea of selflessly saving human lives with whatever abilities we have, extraordinary or ordinary. But is this an idea that works exclusively for members of our species? In other words, if we take a look at the altruistic superheroes from sequential art that many of us admire, what are their beliefs when it comes to helping animals? How does the medium deal with the idea of vegetarianism? What do vegetarian superheroes believe about our non-human friends?