F - The Birth of Kitaro - Cover

THE BIRTH OF KITARO Review: Completely Unremarkable

Based on its premise, I thought I would enjoy Shigeru Mizuki’s THE BIRTH OF KITARO. I mean, the book comprises the early adventures of a one-eyed yokai boy who fights other yokai with his “inhuman strength and whiplike hair”—what’s not to love? But instead of a fun adventure with a colorful cast of characters, the book delivers a laundry list of problems with art and characterization, so much so that Kitaro himself fails to be very interesting.

The Value of Maturity in Children’s Cartoons

Many cartoon shows for kids manage to tread the line between staying child-friendly and becoming more adult through incorporating more mature themes. Making the shows a little darker makes them enjoyable for all ages, giving adults more light-hearted fun, and giving children an introduction to more adult concepts.