Can’t get enough of that funky MONTHLY GIRLS’ NOZAKI-KUN opening? Me neither! Fortunately, the singer is back to sing for another anime in the upcoming spring season, TADA-KUN DOES NOT FALL IN LOVE.

TADA-KUN is a rom-com anime airing in Japan this April. On February 14th, the official website for the show announced the singers for the ending and opening theme songs. Manaka Iwami will sing the ending theme “Love Song.” Iwami will also play the role of Teresa Wagner, the show’s female protagonist. The opening theme song (title TBA) will be performed by Masayoshi Oishi. Besides the NOZAKI-KUN opening, fans of the show KEMONO FRIENDS might also recognize his name as the composer of its opening theme, “Welcome to Japari-Park.”


Here’s what we know about the show, thanks to some articles on Crunchyroll that translated the website’s announcements. First, we have our main protagonist, Tada Mitsuyoshi, a boy who has never experienced love before. Our second protagonist is Teresa Wagner, a girl studying abroad in Japan. Teresa loses her travel companion when she arrives in Tokyo and quickly finds herself lost. Tada finds Teresa while taking pictures of some cherry blossoms. He decides to help her find her way and brings her to his grandfather’s café.

A screenshot from the TADA-KUN DOES NOT FALL IN LOVE trailer features Teresa Wagner as she holds a white cat and stands under a bus stop to hide from the rain.
Teresa Wagner waits out the rain at a bus stop with a kitten. | Image: YouTube

According to Anime News Network, the anime’s official website describes the story of Tada and Teresa as a “slapstick romantic comedy that will make you laugh and cry.” The team behind MONTHLY GIRLS’ NOZAKI-KUN is at it again with this brand-new, completely original anime. Mitsue Yamazaki will direct the anime, Yoshiko Nakamura is in charge of the script for the show, and Junichiro Taniguchi is the chief animation director as well as character designer. They all worked together on NOZAKI-KUN and I can’t wait to see the crew’s slapstick humor in this new show.

Masayoshi Oishi: A Rising Star

Singer and songwriter Masayoshi is most famous for his contribution to MONTHLY GIRLS’ NOZAKI-KUN. Masayoshi sang the show’s opening theme, “It Looks Like it Has to Be You.” Fans of the anime loved the show’s opening theme for its funky guitar solos and Masayoshi’s excellent vocals. The full version of the song now has over eight million views and counting on YouTube!

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The song was a turning point for Masayoshi’s musical career. After singing for NOZAKI-KUN, Masayoshi composed and wrote the theme song for KEMONO FRIENDS. He also uploaded his own cover of the KEMONO FRIENDS theme to Niconico with all parts sung by himself, whereas the original featured eight different voices. Masayoshi also performed the opening themes for both OVERLORD and OVERLORD II as a part of the band OxT.

This album cover features Masayoshi sitting on a stool next to a guitar and a microphone.
Cover image for the album featuring the NOZAKI-KUN theme. | Image: OxT site.

“It Looks Like it Has to Be You” is still one of my favorite openings to this day. Masayoshi’s voice is so expressive and strong and the song is just catchy overall. It’s hard not to get up and dance every time that epic guitar strum plays at the beginning of each episode! Maybe I’m just spoiled by Masayoshi’s amazing work in NOZAKI-KUN, but I have high hopes for this unnamed song. There isn’t much information about the show or the song available at the moment, so we’ll just have to keep hitting that refresh button on the official website!


After seeing the team’s work with MONTHLY GIRL’S NOZAKI-KUN, there’s no doubt that TADA-KUN DOES NOT FALL IN LOVE will be a rom-com to remember for ages. NOZAKI-KUN had a whimsical sense of humor that I would love to see again in TADA-KUN. NOZAKI-KUN was comedy gold for me, so I have high hopes for this anime when it airs later this year.

The show airs in April, but there’s no set release date yet. In the meantime, you can watch the anime trailer on the official Kadokawa Anime YouTube! And, according to Crunchyroll, both the opening and ending theme songs for TADA-KUN will be released as singles on May 23rd of this year.

Featured image courtesy of the TADA-KUN official site.

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