Fans know the story of Krypton and it’s destruction as part of Clark Kent’s journey to become Superman. It’s an origin story that stays retold in film, television, and comics. Syfy is ready to go back 200 years to explore the origins of this once prosperous planet in Syfy’s KRYPTON. The series follows in the footsteps of Superman’s grandfather Seg-El as a strong and brash young man saving his home.

Cameron Cuffe Syfy's Krypton

KRYPTON Is Not Just an Origin Story

Before Krypton’s destruction, the show goes back 200 years before that to look at its history. Some time travel is involved once we learn that the planet’s fate is tied to Superman’s. We find the House of El stripped of their status after Seg’s grandfather Val-El discovers a possible threat.

That is confirmed when time traveler Adam Strange warns Seg that Krypton is in danger of being destroyed. The cause of this is Brainiac, an alien being is traveling the cosmos destroying planets and civilizations. Not only is Seg’s world in danger, but also the timeline in which his grandson will be a part of. So in a way, it’s kind of like the Terminator series.

With the time travel aspect, the prequel series can have some fun expanding the show without messing with Superman’s origins. Going 200 years in the past also affords the show an opportunity to provide more stories. With future seasons, the show can explore this corner of the DC universe like Doomsday or the Green Lantern Corp. Even exploring other planets within the same universe, as KRYPTON would be another element to the show. The possibilities are endless if the show becomes successful.

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The Planet of KRYPTON is Beautiful

The show gives viewers a closer look at the world of KRYPTON with it’s visually stunning background and set pieces. One can immediately see that the show does take its cue from Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel. EP David Goyer does use the same tone as the DC films, but the lightness sets it apart.

The landscape of the Syfy series makes it big in scope, with its culture and environment. From the skyline of Kandor City to the graffiti art and symbols, we see so much of Kryptonian life. It certainly looks like an technologically advanced civilization that far exceeds our own.

The planet’s strict class system is also explored with the upper class divided into different houses. It’s great to see that the series is creating a world in this untapped corner of the DC universe.

Rasmus Hardiker Cameron Cuffe Syfy's Krypton

The Characters of KRYPTON Are Strong Without Powers

With KRYPTON shot in Belfast, the series does take advantage of using some top British talent. English actor Cameron Cuffe headlines this series with his brashness and dashing personality as Seg-El. The character reminds you of a young James T. Kirk from the new Star Trek films played by Chris Pine.

Even though he’s vastly different from Superman, Seg’s fight for justice is what he shares in common with his grandson. Cameron also shares some scenes with Shaun Sipos, who plays the time-traveling Adam Strange. Being the only American actor among these British folk, Strange works as a foreigner who’s out of his element.

The two guys share some amazing chemistry and may be one of the best parts of the show.

Shaun Sipos Cameron Cuffe Syfy's Krypton

Seg also shares a connection with Lyta-Zod (Georgina Campbell), whom he begins an affair within the series. She appears as an independent woman among many strong females like Seg’s mother Charys and military guild leader Alura Zod. Despite Georgina’s great presence on screen, it does feel like her character remains forced into many of the scenes. Perhaps we’ll see her role expanded when her duty as a cadet and her personal life collide. Even though these people can’t fly or shoot lasers from their eyes, the show has strong characters to draw from. The show’s also on Krypton, so hopefully, we get to see more of the culture from this planet.

Cameron Cuffe Georgina Campbell Syfy's Krypton

We figure out later in the episode that the main villain is Superman baddie Brainiac (Blake Ritson). Based on seeing the pilot, this will please fans with an accurate portrayal of the character in live-action. With an impressive use of protestics, make-up, and some CGI, we finally have Brainiac in its truest form. Hopefully, the show can tap into other villains from the DC library.

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More Conflicts on the Horizon For KRYPTON

While saving his home planet and preserving his grandson’s future, Seg will have plenty of other conflicts to resolve. His forbidden relationship with Lyta gets more complicated as they are arranged or ‘bonded’ to marry other partners. Hierarchy is also part of this series as the religious leader known as the Voice of Rao rules Krypton. A revolution starts at the beginning of the series with an underground group known as Black Zero.

Politics also plays a part in the series with the power struggle between the houses of El, Em, and Zod. There’s terminology that the show throws at viewers, so it may take a few episodes to get used to. However, KRYPTON gives you more than you can chew with a unique set up going straight into the action. Going through the eyes of Seg, it would be great to see the series focus more on his journey.

Cameron Cuffe Elliot Cowan Wallis Day Syfy's Krypton

KRYPTON Appeals to Any Audience

KRYPTON does need some work done, but it does a great job expanding the cosmic part of the DC universe. With its impressive visuals and bold premise, the prequel series is off to an amazing start. Just like Smallville, KRYPTON can prove that Superman doesn’t need to be present to have a good story.

Plus, KRYPTON makes this feel more like a science fiction series than a superhero show. Whether people are fans of the genre or comic book fanatics, the show is accessible for anyone. Those who love to explore another part of the Superman mythos won’t be disappointed with this ambitious take on the legend.

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