Syfy’s KRYPTON comes to a close for its first season. We’ve had the planet’s present and future at stake. Seg-El was entrusted with the knowledge that his grandson’s existence also hangs in the balance. Alliances were formed and trusts were broken. Everything came to a head in the mind-blowing season finale of the Syfy series. KRYPTON may have delivered one of it’s best episodes yet, showing that this series can go to unexpected places.

Syfy's Krypton
Wallis Day, Ian McElhinney, Cameron Cuffe, and Colin Salmon in Syfy’s Krypton The Phantom Zone.

What’s Happening So Far on Syfy’s KRYPTON

After seeing Brainiac in his true form, we see the alien life form getting his grips on Kandor. With the city about to become part of his collection, it’s a matter of time before he takes over the planet. We find Seg, Lyta, and Zod evacuating the people out of Kandor while searching for a solution. It was scary to see Brainiac’s vessel carrying all the worlds he has collected in the universe. All the people in those worlds are stuck in a life without a future.

Our hero Seg is holding onto the promise that his grandfather Val-El made of making a better future for KRYPTON. After losing Doomsday, Seg is running out of options. This leaves the fate of Kandor to the Zods. General Zod’s plan was to trade with Brainiac Val-El’s life for Kandor. Since Val-El has knowledge of the future from his time in the Phantom Zone, Zod would find that more valuable for Brainiac to take.

As the exchange took place at the Fortress of Solitude, Seg used his wit to trap Brainiac into getting sucked into the Phantom Zone. However, Brainiac manages to take Seg along with him. It was a bold sacrifice for Seg in order to preserve his planet’s future. The only problem is that maybe it wasn’t the wisest choice.

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Some Big Changes Are Coming For Syfy’s KRYPTON

If you have seen the season finale, then you already have seen KRYPTON’s history altered by the reign of General Zod. After a month of taking down Brainiac, Zod wasted no time taking over his homeworld with plans to take over the galaxy. This changes the landscape of the show significantly as we enter season two.

It looks like Veg-El’s dream of space exploration will become a possibility. Hopefully, we get to see different civilizations going into the second season. We’re also curious to see what happened to all those worlds Brainiac collected in Adam Strange’s present.

Ian McElhinney and Colin Salmon in Syfy’s Krypton The Phantom Zone.

However, Zod is looking to expand his rule across space. This brings us to Earth where Adam Strange is as he sees a statue of Zod standing tall. So it appears that Zod has already had his grip on the galaxy 200 years into the present. We also see Superman’s cape turn into the Zod name.

This raises so many questions going into season two where anything can happen. It makes us wonder if Kal-El still exists in this new timeline or if Brainiac still destroys KRYPTON. Maybe we can see Kal-El being raised by Zod instead of Jor-El. Perhaps we can get to see that version of the Man of Steel going into season two.

Syfy’s KRYPTON Leaves Some Missing Pieces

The Phantom Zone opened up some doors for season two for the writers to dig into. We learn that Val-El was able to travel through space and time in the Phantom Zone. This gives the show more opportunities to see what Val-El has foreseen in the parallel dimension. We also learn that Veg and Zod knew each other after spending time in the Phantom Zone.

However, we never get to fully explore what went down between them. Maybe we can get some flashbacks of their time there in the second season. With Seg in there, we hope that his stay isn’t cut short and take it’s sweet time to bring him back to KRYPTON. Time doesn’t appear to exist in that dimension since Val-El still looks the same from 14 years being stuck there. Maybe Seg won’t end up insane after all.

Georgina Campbell and Aaron Pierre in Syfy’s Krypton The Phantom Zone.

Syfy’s KRYPTON Needs More Development And Less Romance

What didn’t quite fit with the episode was the season-long love quadrangle between Seg, Lyta, Dev, and Nyssa. Each of these characters stands well on their own without any entanglements with each other. Both Lyta and Nyssa had some amazing developments this season.

Blake Ritson in Syfy’s KRYPTON The Phantom Zone.

It was great to see Lyta struggling to find whom she can trust, her mother or her future son. Nyssa’s big revelation has her begin to wonder if her whole life was a lie. We don’t know how this whole clones plot fits into the show, but it has us intrigued. However, when the story shifts to their romantic scenes, it takes away from those great plot points.

Syfy’s KRYPTON Should Keep Brainiac Around

Having Brainiac as the show’s big villain was one of the best parts of KRYPTON. Blake Ritson does an amazing job in his portrayal as the Collector of Worlds. After the season finale, we have a feeling we haven’t seen the last of Brainiac. We hope that we get to see more of him in season two.

Perhaps sending him into the Phantom Zone with Seg may give some great scenes between them. We don’t even know if Brainiac would still end up destroying the planet in the present. There’s a lot of ground to cover with this DC villain so we hope the show brings him back for more trouble.

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Syfy’s KRYPTON Ends Season One On a High Note

The first season of KRYPTON was a fun ride for viewers and a great homage to Superman. The writers let their creativity run wild with each episode as the series progressed. The biggest reveals like General Zod traveling back in time and the discovery of Doomsday kept the show interesting.

The show got to find what it wants to be, so season two has a chance to take it to new heights. The season finale brought the season to a close with more to explore. The Phantom Zone affords the opportunity to expand the series and Doomsday’s escape will certainly spell more trouble for KRYPTON.

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  1. Paulette

    May 27, 2018 at 3:03 am

    The interesting thing is: Is Lyta pregnant already? If not, Seg will be back, as we know Zod still exists. But the weird thing is everyone acted as if natural conception was not possible for Kryptonians anymore.
    My guess is that Zod will help Val to reopen the portal to the phantom zone because he realized he can’t stop Brainiac.
    I think is possible Cor-Vex becomes Jor-El, but I am wondering if Zor-El will exist in this continuity.

    I want more Jayna!


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