SUPERMAN #29 ended with one of the most surprising moments in DC Rebirth: Superman became the host of Parallax, the fear entity. However, Sinestro, the yellow lantern and Green Lantern’s archnemsis, is here to stop Parallax. This SUPERMAN #30 preview hints at an epic battle to determine who is the true master of fear. Is it Parallax feeding off the power of Kal-El? Or is it Sinestro, leader of the Sinestro Corps and forger of the first yellow ring?

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It’s amazing to watch world collides as Superman faces threats which the Green Lanterns usually deal with. Now Superman is fighting two of Green Lantern’s strongest adversaries. Parallax and Sinestro are enemies that usually the whole Green Lantern Corps have to deal with. Will Kal-El have the willpower to defeat both Sinestro and Parallax on his own? Or will Sinestro help Superman defeat Parallax? It seems unlikely since Sinestro wants to capture and use the fear entity probably for some dastardly purpose.

From everything I see in this SUPERMAN #30 preview, I am extremely happy with the new direction Keith Champagne is taking with SUPERMAN. From the very first panel of this issue, there is pulse-pounding action as we see two superpowered individuals clash. It’s really exciting to watch Superman use his powers against someone who is at his level, like Sinestro. Artists Ed Benes, Tyler Kirkham, and Philip Tan beautifully capture the image of two gods flying against each other at top speeds. The cosmic visuals, such as on the planet Qward, are both detailed and richly colored. Everything in this SUPERMAN #30 preview suggests an astonishing story that will knock the socks off fans of both the Man of Steel and the Emerald Knight!

SUPERMAN #30 Preview


  1. Nobody

    August 31, 2017 at 10:04 pm

    It’s not a freakin’ shame, if you know anything about comics Superman used to be very underpowered, especially in his first appearance.

    But over the years writers had basically turned him into such an OP character, he’s boring. Nowadays I rather see him get beaten then win every single fight.


  2. Louis Riehm

    August 31, 2017 at 5:26 pm

    Sinestro is at Superman’s level? You’re an idiot if you believe that. Little by little DC is chipping away at Superman’s superiority in the DCU. It’s a freakin’ shame.


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