SUPERMAN #25 By Peter Tomasi, Patrick Gleason, and Doug Mahnke
SUPERMAN #25 excites and thrills the reader while also leaving an emotional impact on the reader. Its touching familial themes and brilliant art along with enthralling action make this one of the best issues in Tomasi's run.
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SUPERMAN #25 is the conclusion of the epic “Black Dawn” arc, and it packs one hell of a punch. “Black Dawn” has proven to be one of the darker and more impactful arcs in this new Superman run. SUPERMAN #25 only adds to this. It focuses on an epic battle between Superman and his allies against his own son Superboy (Jonathan Kent). The fight sequences are beautifully depicted and action-packed. But more importantly, they are backed up by powerful themes that make this supersized issue incredibly meaningful.

Family Matters in SUPERMAN #25

In this issue, Superboy is influenced by Manchester Black to release his rage and push his powers to the very brink. What ensues is a battle between father and son. Superman, the ever-protective dad, tries desperately to save his son from himself while Batman, Robin, Frankenstein, and the Bride desperately fight against Black. Jon has been struggling with an inner darkness throughout this arc, and the visual of Superboy in a black suit perfectly exemplifies his inner turmoil.

SUPERMAN #25 page 10. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

“Black Dawn” marks Jon Kent’s first realization that darkness and tragedy exist in this world. However, Superboy is lucky to have Clark and Lois as his parents in this moment. They comfort and reassure Jon to not give into his fears. In this way, this arc continues the theme of a family’s ability to overcome adversity together. As a result, SUPERMAN #25 is an especially emotional finale where Superboy decides what type of superhero he really wants to be.

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Intense Story, Intense Visuals

SUPERMAN #25 pg 13. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

For this milestone 25th issue, the art was notably fantastic. The darker shades and figures add an intense quality to the battle going on. Doug Mahnke and Patrick Gleason’s art is as thrilling as it is terrifying. Particularly the visuals of Superboy with dripping black eyes added a gritty and creepy feeling to this comic book. Meanwhile, the battles continued to be colorful and vibrant. Moreover, some of the moments between Superman and his family nearly brought tears to my eyes. This is a credit to both the writers and the artist for perfectly encompassing the Kent’s family dynamic.

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In Conclusion

Superman #25 is one of the strongest issues out of Tomasi’s run on Superman. It perfectly balances emotions and elements while highlighting the relationship of the Kents. The artwork stands to be one of the best from all of DC Rebirth. Furthermore, the large size of this issue makes it incredibly worthwhile. I believe this installment will please any Superman or Superboy fans, so I suggest you pick it up!

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