SUPERGIRL S1E20 Character Spotlight: Non

The finale of the first season of SUPERGIRL has officially aired and with it, we have learned more about the Kryptonian Non. This character was first seen in the film SUPERMAN: THE MOVIE (1978) alongside Zod and Ursa as the trio were sent into the Phantom Zone. Initially, Non was nothing more than a large brute with no backstory who acted as Zod’s muscle-bound enforcer. It was not until 2007 in ACTION COMICS #845 that Non’s backstory was explored by writers Richard Donner and Geoff Johns. Since then Non has grown in his importance to the Superman mythos. In the first season of SUPERGIRL, Non has been one of the main antagonists. For this character spotlight, I will be focusing on three major aspects of Non in comparison to his comic book counterpart: (1) Origin, (2) Powers, and (3) Personality.

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In the comics, Non was initially a Kryptonian scientist who worked with his best student, Supergirl’s uncle Jor-El. In their studies, the two men discover that Krypton’s core was becoming unstable and would eventually doom the entire planet. The two scientists attempted to tell the Kryptonian Science Council, but their pleas were ignored. At this point, there was a rift between the friendship of Non and Jor-El. Non decided to ally himself with General Zod and became a radical who voiced the truth about Krypton’s imminent doom. This decision of his would lead to the Kryptonian Council capturing Non and lobotomizing him in order to prevent him from speaking out anymore. Meanwhile, Jor-El decided to remain silent about his knowledge. When the council wanted to kill Non, Zod, and Ursa for their crimes against the government, Jor-El was the one who suggested the Phantom Zone where they remained until Krypton exploded.

Supergirl - Superman 2

The show does portray Non as a scientist who worked with the House of El before the planet’s destruction. However, when Non discovers that Krypton is doomed, he allies himself with Supergirl’s aunt Astra whom he later marries. When Non kills a guard after trying to convince the Kryptonian Council about Krypton’s destruction, he and Astra are sentenced to Fort Rozz by Supergirl’s mother, Alura Zor-El. Once Fort Rozz crash landed on Earth, Non and Astra continued their plans to “save” Earth using Myriad, a form of mind control.


Non’s powers are the same as any other Kryptonian on Earth due to the effects of the yellow Sun. He can fly while also possessing super strength, super speed, invulnerability, heat vision, x-ray vision and super hearing. After his first fight with Supergirl in episode 8, it is shown that Non has more strength than his niece. This depiction of Non having more strength than Supergirl coincides with the comics. Non typically is depicted as having far more strength than the average Kryptonian, especially after his lobotomy lowered his capacity for empathy, and he became a brutish monster. However, in the SUPERGIRL finale when Non and Supergirl fight each other again, Supergirl can overcome Non’s strength and hits him in the head with her heat vision.

Supergirl - Non - brain injury


Non’s personality before he was lobotomized was actually very similar to the Non seen on SUPERGIRL. Both incarnations of the character were intelligent and were dedicated to saving their planet by any means necessary. Although both versions of Non had different methods for alerting the Kryptonian Council. The show’s version of Non set out to control the minds of everyone on Earth and force them to all work towards saving the planet. The comics version of Non never planned to use Myriad or any form of mind control to save Krypton but had he retained his intelligence, it would not be that far of a stretch for him to devise such a plan.

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The show does not tell the audience what became of Non after being blasted by Supergirl’s heat vision. It is possible that taking a heat vision blast to the head could have caused some brain damage to Non, thus making him more of the brutish beast he is in the comics. However, fans will have to wait for SUPERGIRL season 2 to find out what became of him. Although CBS has made no official announcement about giving SUPERGIRL a second season, the chances of it happening are very high because CBS CEO, Leo Moonves, believes that SUPERGIRL has a strong chance at getting renewed. This concludes the SUPERGIRL articles for the time being, but be sure to come back in the fall if it does get picked up for a second season!

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