This week’s episode of SUPERGIRL was a bit clunky story wise, but did not fail with its subplot that included Alex Danvers (Chyler Leigh) and NCPD detective Maggie Sawyer (Floriana Lima). At the end of last week’s episode, just as Alex asked Maggie to hang out, her date arrives. We saw how distraught Alex was about that but it wasn’t clear whether Alex was gay. But in this week’s episode, Crossfire, we get a better look into her character and see her for who she is.

Alex attempts to tell Kara she’s gay.

With all that was going on with Supergirl and the throw-away villain of the week, Alex’s struggle about her sexual orientation stood out throughout the episode. Alex finds out that Maggie was dumped by her ex-girlfriend and we see her behave as a friend. To us viewers, we know there is something more, but that’s not the kicker. Throughout the episode we see Alex thinking about Maggie, but with an underlying question of “why am I thinking about her?” When Alex sees that Maggie’s still not feeling herself, she wants to go hang out and make her feel better. Maggie confronts her about her sexual orientation, but Alex says she’s not gay. Alex tries to tell Kara but doesn’t get the chance to. When she finally does tell Maggie, the next time they hang out was hard to watch but also heartfelt because Alex was on her way to accepting herself. Chyler Leigh evoking such emotional confusion and seeing Alex struggle with her feelings was superb acting.

While many movies and shows have been accepting of race, culture and sexual orientation, one of the things they never illustrate is the story in between the panels. In other words, we never see how a character struggles with being gay, Muslim or Mexican before the present product of their character. Alex dodging the word gay was, in a manner of speaking, realistic. We find out more about Alex and her discovering who she is rather than her being a cardboard cutout for the series.

Not a lot of shows tell the “coming out” story-line, and not like this. Today it is still difficult for someone to come out as gay in fear of their family, friends and/or environment. Alex felt like she had to have the perfect life and now in this season we get to see her explore the life outside perfection. Having to be on top of Kara, it didn’t leave room for Alex to grow; seemingly isolated when it came to intimacy. It’s heart-wrenching for anyone to feel that way, and this subplot in a way tell fans, within the LGBT community, it gets better.

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