Since Season 1, SUPERGIRL has teased the arrival of the Legion of Super-Heroes. The Fortress of Solitude showcased the Legion ring. Mon-El, a prominent character from the team, appeared in Season 2 and shall return soon in Season 3. The CW teased that the Legion will play a massive role in the rest of Season 3. The question remains, who are they, and what is in store for Supergirl and the DEO?

Who are the Legion of Super-Heroes?

The Legion of Super-Heroes are a team of teenage super-heroes in the 30th and 31st centuries of the DC Universe who were inspired by the adventures of Superboy/Clark Kent/Kal-El (Pre-Crisis). Cosmic Boy, Lightning Lad, and Saturn Girl are the founding members.

Legion of Super-Heroes
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Superman inspired the Legion because of what he represented to the people. He was one of the first aliens that humans trusted. Over the years, his good work inspired people and aliens alike to do good. Superman’s example also allowed humans to be accepting and friendly to other alien races. Humans could understand that there are good aliens in the universe who just want a place to call home. In some ways, that is what the Legion represents. It is about different people who have come together from throughout the universe to do good.

The team has had multiple comic series since their creation but was canceled during The New 52, though DC Rebirth has teased their return. It is possible that the Legion will receive a brand new comic series in the near future.

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SUPERGIRL has already announced Brainiac 5, and Saturn Girl will be making appearances on the show. Brainiac 5 is a descendant of the original Brainiac, but a prominent member in most variations of the team. It is most likely that more members will appear including Cosmic Boy and Lightning Lad.

Mon-El’s Role

Fans wondered how long would it be before the Legion made an appearance after it was announced that Mon-El was coming to SUPERGIRL. At the end of the Season 2 finale, Mon-El’s pod went through a wormhole in space. That scene got comic book fans excited about what is to come.

Courtesy of DC Comics

Throughout the New 52’s run of the Legion, Mon-El was seen as field leader. He was seen on the ground helping the Legion while also helping fight more powerful threats such as the Dominators. It is possible that SUPERGIRL will showcase Mon-El working with the Legion throughout the rest of Season 3, possibly having a better understanding and control of his powers. His lead poisoning might also have been cured after his visit to the future.

What to expect on SUPERGIRL

While the Legion of Super-Heroes has a lot of material to draw from regarding storylines for the show, it does not seem like SUPERGIRL will keep the same tone as the Legion is known for. The Legion has mostly had a bright and optimistic tone as it showed an excellent future for the DC Universe. From what has been seen so far, the Legion seems to be a darker group that may oppose Supergirl’s optimism and hope.

The trailer for SUPERGIRL 3×07 shows Mon-El has seemingly gone down a darker path than when we last saw him. It is possible that his time with the Legion has changed him. They may have convinced him to join their cause to save humanity in the future.

Supergirl will probably face off against members of the Legion for a few episodes but eventually, they will get along, and Supergirl will show them a better path. Supergirl will probably travel to the 30th century for one episode and possibly help the Legion fight the Fatal Five, popular villains for the Legion. When the Legion finally does leave, Mon-El will probably stay behind and assist Supergirl on Earth rather than leaving her again.

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With SUPERGIRL bringing the Legion of Super-Heroes into the Arrowverse, there are endless storylines that can be explored. The Legion has had dedicated fans throughout its comic book history, and will probably make new fans soon. These fans have stuck with the Legion despite its inconsistently published runs. SUPERGIRL will bring the Legion to new fans and could maybe up the stakes for Supergirl.

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