Super Sons Turned Cowboys in ADVENTURES OF THE SUPER SONS #9

After escaping the prison planet, Robin, Superboy and Green Lantern trainee Al-x are transported to another planet. Written by Peter Tomasi, the Super Sons are dropped onto a wild west planet. There, they meet Jonah Hex, a robot cowboy who agrees to help the boys return to Earth. Is ADVENTURES OF THE SUPER SONS #9 worth checking out? Read my review to find out!

The Wild, Wild Leone-5

The Super Sons and Al-x arrive on Leone-5, a world of mechs and lone rangers. Once there, they meet Jonah Hex. He tells the boys of a way off this planet. Over the course of several days, the group travel on horseback and go on some adventures together. Their destination? The heavily secured train in Engine City is rumored to take its passengers anywhere in the galaxy. While they plan to sneak aboard the train, Rex Luthor readies his Injustice Army. Equipped with the superpowers of the DCU’s villains, the army is set to take over Earth. Let’s hope the Super Sons can catch that train.

ADVENTURES OF THE SUPER SONS #9 Page 3. Image Courtesy of DC Entertainment.

As Robin and Superboy take down the guards at the Gravedigger terminal, Al-x knocks out Hex and reprograms him. For better or worse? I’m not sure yet. The Super Sons, the Green Lantern trainee and the robot cowboy hop aboard the train. ADVENTURES OF THE SUPER SONS #9 concludes with the train leaving the station and with Robin driving. Where are they heading to next? We’ll have to wait for the next issue.

Campy Dialogue And Plot in ADVENTURES OF THE SUPER SONS #9

For some reason, some of the dialogue is just plain corny in ADVENTURES OF THE SUPER SONS #9. These forced lines of speech really put a damper on these characters. When the boys arrive on Leone-5, Robin tells a blabbering Superboy to “Stifle it so we can get the 411 here.” Later on, when Robin talks about being programmed to kill, he mentions what an impact his family and friends have had on his life. While it’s a heartwarming thought, Robin isn’t usually the sentimental type.

Sorry, I just don’t think that the tough and brooding Damien Wayne would say lines like that. Also, this issue felt a bit like a filler episode. Parts of the story fell into place almost too easily. For example, the Super Sons instantly trusting the first person they meet on the new planet seemed farfetched. Especially after they just left the prison planet where they could not trust anyone. And frankly, the idea of a train robbery feels a bit outdated, even if that train is on an alien planet. Overall, some points of this comic were a bit dull.

Ride on, Space Cowboy

ADVENTURES OF THE SUPER SONS #9 Pages 4-5. Image Courtesy of DC Entertainment.

ADVENTURES OF THE SUPER SONS #9 features spectacular artwork by Scott Godlewski. Visually, the comic has elements of both a western and a sci-fi adventure. The imagery goes from the boys sitting around a campfire to this modern train terminal. The two-page spread of the Super Sons riding on horseback, onto the next chapter of their adventure, looks like a movie poster. Full of action and movement, it’s a page that really stands out in this issue. 

The facial expressions are on point in ADVENTURES OF THE SUPER SONS #9. Hex’s distorted face is spine chilling. And with Al-x being a two-faced character, his devilish smile says it all. Superboy’s cowboy outfit is adorable and really fits the aesthetic of this wild, wild planet. Overall, Scott Godlewski encapsulates multiple genres expertly and makes this comic worth checking out.


All in all, ADVENTURES OF THE SUPER SONS #9 is a decent issue. Yes, some points of the story and dialogue were a bit lackluster. However, I do like the addition of Al-x to the group. With a possibly evil character following the Super Sons, his presence adds a layer of suspense to the story. Visually, there were a couple of times this issue reminded me of iconic westerns. It’s the perfect cross between sci-fi and cowboy classics.

This comic does a fantastic job balancing both genres equally. Where are the Super Sons going next? Will Al-x show his true colors? I’m curious to find out in the next chapter.

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